Saturday 31st March 2018, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM @ The Home Studios, 6C Thane Works, London N7 7NU


The Greatness Exhibition is a two-part visual experience consisting of a series of portraits and a short documentary film exploring beauty, tradition and pride among individuals of African and Caribbean descent.


In showcasing the overlooked features, hidden shades and extraordinary traits across a wide spectrum, this Exhibition aims to illustrate the diversity and common points of connection within this community through four unique categories:


Black Beauty:
This category is a celebration of beauty, power and resilience. It challengesthe notion that African features are inherently undesired by reinforcing positive images of natural splendour.


Age Defying Skin:
Melanin pigments give hair, skin and eyes their colour. Skin experts say that the melanin, dominant in individuals with darker skin is directly linked to delayed signs of ageing. This category is dedicated to the over 40’s in the community to celebrate graceful ageing.


Love Union:
Love is a spiritual journey which forms the foundation on which many families and communities are built and maintained. This category showcasesthe ideal of love: passion, unity, togetherness and companionship.


Kings & Queens:
This series encourages visitors to explore and learn about the revolutionary African and Caribbean icons who have paved the way. A special emphasis is placed on pre-colonial legends to highlight the ancestral legacy.


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