“THE AMAZING JAMES BALDWIN – A 6 WEEK MULTI-MEDIA & INTERACTIVE COURSE”, Monday 21st May 6:30 PM – 8: 30 pm – Monday 25th June 2018 @ Harris Westminster, 7 Tothill Street London SW1H 9LH – COURSE FEE: £70

An exciting, interactive multi-media course to mark the release of the Oscar-nominated documentary by Raoul Peck.This six-week course is an introduction to James Baldwin and a selection of his works. The course draws on a range of written and visual material to present an overview of his writings and contributions to the questions of race and identity, examining how they continue to impact us now.

It will use obscure video clips of James Baldwin (interviews, speeches, TV appearances) and some of his most widely received fiction and non-fiction writing, including ‘Going to Meet the Man’, ‘Sonny’s Blues’, ‘Notes of a Native Son’, and ‘The Fire Next Time’. Rare photos, paintings, and sketches that capture his spirit are also included.

Course Objectives:

** Introduce Baldwin’s work to a new generation
** Highlight and explore his lesser known works
** Use his analysis of 1960s – 1980s society to interrogate present day local and global racism
** Promote Black history and literature

Course Leaders: Dr Michelle Asantewa and Tony Warner.

Course Dates:

** May – Monday 21st & 28th
** June – 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th