Tuesday 15th May 2018, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM @ Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Brentfield, London NW10 0RG

“CONTROL THE AGENDA: A BLACK HISTORY & WEALTH MASTERY LECTURE” Robin Walker (‘The Black History Man’) together with ‘Black History Knowledge‘ are hosting an inspirational 12-part Black History & Wealth Mastery Lecture Series.
These empowering workshops will teach you your history. They will also show you how to practically use the lessons learned from that history to financially empower yourself and the Community through personal development, money management, business and entrepreneurship.
Robin Walker believes that learning the glories of Black History must not just build pride in African culture, we must use the 12 lessons learned to put forward practical strategies to create, build and spread wealth in our community.
In this motivational lecture/workshop, Robin Walker will explain how principles discovered by early African rulers can be practically employed by wealth builders today. Abraha and Taharqo were ambitious Agenda Setters who imposed agendas rather than follow the agendas set by others.
The themes explored include:
  1. What are the 5 Fortune Building Keys and 7 Wealth Principles that we can learn from Black History?
  2. What is the Fortune Building Key we can learn from Abraha of Ethiopia and Taharqo of Kush?
  3. What example does the Kingdom of Kush provide for Team Building?
  4. What are the major differences between Agenda Setters and Agenda Followers?
  5. What are the practical steps to move from being an Agenda Follower to becoming an Agenda Setter?
The content of this session should be of interest to:
  • Beginners interested in learning Black History but do not know where to start
  • Adults interested in personal development, money management, business, and entrepreneurship
  • Activists interested in Pan-Sudanese heritage
  • Community members interested in deepening their knowledge of Black History
  • Anyone who wants to advance wealth building in the Community
  • Kemetologists interested in the final chapter of Kemetic heritage
£10 tickets available from: Eventbrite
Robin Walker is the leading Black Studies educator of the last twenty-five years. He has educated thousands of adults through his Personal Development, Black History, and African Studies programmes. He is the author of the classic ‘When We Ruled‘ and the best sellers: ‘The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street‘ and ‘Black British History: Black Influences on British Culture (1948 – 2016)‘. He appeared in the documentaries: ‘The African History of Sport‘ (for more details and to watch the trailer click here: “AFRICAN HISTORY OF SPORT” – The North London Premiere!), ‘Ancestral Voices 2’, and ‘Hidden Colours 4‘.
Devon Morgan of ‘Black History Knowledge’ has hosted Black Studies lectures and courses in North West London over the last few years. He is an author in his own right. His best-known works are ‘Demystifying Cancer‘, ‘The Undisputed Autobiography of God‘, and ‘Love of Money Root of All Evil? Greatest Lie Ever Sold‘.