“BOOK LAUNCH – Race, Culture & Gender: Black Female Experiences of Violence & Abuse” by Dr. Ava Kanyeredzi

Friday 15th June 2018, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM @ University of East London, University Square Stratford Campus, 1 Salway Place, London E15 1NF


This book presents an in-depth account of nine Black British women’s experiences of violence and abuse. Through in depth interviews and analysis the author reveals their feelings of being silenced as children, women, Black women and as victims/survivors.

Being silenced or staying silent about experiences of violence and abuse are key influences in how and when women access help and support and Kanyeredzi illuminates missed opportunities in how and when this help and support can and should be given.
Based on women’s descriptions of how they felt supported, listened to, yet ‘unheard’, chapters explore what professionals might face in the process of supporting Black women who access these services.
The book contributes valuable understanding to the growing literature discussing challenges faced by minoritised women attempting to live full lives in the UK. It also includes images created as part of the project.
This book is a useful resource for victims/survivors, students, researchers, clinical psychologists, counsellors, health professionals, social workers, educators and specialised violence support organisations.
You can purchase the book at Foyles
Dr. Ava Kanyeredzi is a lecturer in Clinical and Community and Forensic Psychology at the University of East London. Dr. Ava Kanyeredzi joined the University of East London in February 2016 and prior to that worked as a researcher at Camden and Islington Foundation Mental Health Trust evaluating staff and service user experiences of mental health crisis houses, acute day units and inpatient wards.

She completed a PhD at the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, London Metropolitan University (2014) that investigated lived experiences of violence and abuse, seeking help, consequences for the body and mental well-being with African and Caribbean heritage women living in the UK.

Dr. Kanyeredzi has been involved in a number of collaborative research projects with Prof. Paula Reavey (London South Bank University), Prof. Steve D. Brown (Leicester University), Dr. Laura McGrath and Dr. Ian Tucker (University of East London) exploring patients and staff experiences of forensic psychiatric spaces and intimate relationships during periods of detention.
Launch event includes – Panel discussion with author, Dr Ava Kanyeredzi, Prof Liz Kelly CBE, Prof Paula Reavey, Elaine Bowes and Sereena Al noor.
“There is limited research and scholarship on violence and abuse amongst African-Caribbean women in the UK and this book makes a valuable contribution.
This book is an invaluable resource for professionals, practitioners and policy makers working with African-Caribbean women who are victims/survivors of abuse.
It explores the silences surrounding violence and abuse among African-Caribbean women in the UK and renders their voices and experiences visible.”  – Dr Jenny Douglas, The Open University
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