LONDON HISTORY DAY 2018: Free Screening of ‘BEYOND THE PHOTO’ at the ‘Herne Hill Film Festival’

Thursday 31st May 2018, 8:00 PM @ The Prince Regent, 69 Dulwich Road, London SE24 0NJ

London History Day‘ is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! More than 70 of London’s museums, galleries and cultural spaces will open their doors to reveal special behind the scenes tours, rarely seen exhibits and one off events, celebrating the capital’s unique identity.
A free screening of documentary ‘Beyond the Photo‘ plus a Q & A with the director of the film, Cathy Hassan. This documentary is a retrospective look at 1970’s Black Britain, the telling of important yet invisible community stories via the medium of photography.
Can a photo ever tell the full story? How well do we read into a photo, in a time when we rapidly ‘scan’ glide over everything? Do we stop to think about the story that lies behind a photo, and its true significance?
This screening is also part of the Herne Hill Free Film Festival programme which brings free films to SE24 during the month of May.

‘Beyond the Photo’ consists of individual stories recording the realities of Black British lives in the 1970’s. Personal experiences are linked by themes of a discriminatory police culture, winter of discontent, poor inhumane housing, and rising voices of socially disgruntled young black men and women fuelled by radical sentiment to end the violence of systemic racism.

‘Beyond the Photo’ explores the journey of one photo opening up to reveal social and historical narratives from times when ‘Sons of Empire‘ gave rise to fears of a black invasion, to a social, cultural and political awareness profoundly shaped by the US Civil rights movement and black activism.
The documentary features interviews with family members of the Community leader Olive Morris, and the Civil rights activist Darcus Howe, one of his final interviews. Historian, Dr. Robin Bunce, Homerton College, University of Cambridge, offers valuable insights into the turbulent 1970s.
Powerful images by Al Vandenberg, Charlie Phillips, Neil Kenlock, Homer Sykes, Nick Hedges along with many other engaging contributors explore themes of London’s 1970’s ethnic and cultural landscape. These include civil unrest, areas of deprivation, Black Power as an ideology and a movement in Britain, the Afro as a expression of black pride and heritage, and photography as a powerful tool of representation in the construction of one own self-image and one’s own story.
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