Wednesday 16th May 2018. 2.30 PM – 4:00 PM @ London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HB

This new book  by Dr. Elizabeth Williams, explores “the complicated dance with racial inequality” in the UK and South Africa.
Join Dr. Williams to discuss her book and view documents from the London Metropolitan Archives  collection on the anti-apartheid movement in London, as she examines the British support for the anti-apartheid movement among its own Black communities.

Dr. Williams digs deep into the often unremarked parallels between the black British and black South African experience of the 1960’s-80’s. Here Elizabeth introduces and explains the “visceral connection” between Africans in South Africa and black communities in the UK.

During the apartheid era, the British government faced an uneasy dilemma: while repudiating apartheid laws it maintained an ambiguous stance towards the South African government. As black South African’s were reduced to the status of non-citizens after the 1970 Citizenship Act, increasing numbers of exiles and fugitives were finding refuge in Britain, which was now home to a growing anti-apartheid protest movement.

This is the first book to examine the British support for the anti-apartheid movement among its own black communities. Elizabeth Williams highlights the connection between domestic anti-racism struggles and the struggle in South Africa, showing how black Britons who were themselves fighting racism in British society identified and expressed solidarity with black South Africans during the Apartheid years.

Williams further assesses the way in which Black communities in Britain viewed Margaret Thatcher’s support of South Africa despite the international call for sanctions. Featuring the work of acclaimed documentary photographer and civil rights activist Vanley Burke, this will be an essential book for students and scholars of race, British history, international relations, post-colonial studies and South African history.
Dr. Williams taught as a visiting lecturer in modern history at the University of NorthamptonGoldsmiths University of London and City Literary Institute , the Centre for Adult Learning in London. Currently she works as a subject librarian at Goldsmiths University of London.
This event is part of the 2018  #WordOnTheStreet2018 Festival: Freedom!
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