Sunday 27th May 2018, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM @ The Mind Cafe, Eastside, Kings Cross Station, London N1C 4AX

Black Mental Health Matters Road Shows provide bespoke practical interventions for the African Caribbean community.
We are using the opportunity of our 8th edition to respond to the corporate trauma we as a community are experiencing as a result of the wave of stabbings, shootings and the Windrush debacle.
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Art heals. This workshop will empower you with transferable skills to take back to your youth groups, clubs, churches and individual homes.

We use art to meditate for physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Skills learnt in the workshops are transferable and user friendly. No prior training or interest in Art is required.
The ability of the creative process to heal, empower and transform our daily lives is massively ignored by many.
These incredible qualities are not lost on Cornelius browne who has spent the best of the last 50 years exploring and enabling others to harness them.
Art for the soul workshops explore contemporary developments in neuroscience to empower our users.

“When you’re doing art, your brain is running full speed, It’s hitting on all eight cylinders” – Gary Vikan

For more details go to: Art for the Soul