‘Science of Melanin and Black Genetics’ by the Centre of Pan African Thought

Thursday 12th July 2018, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM @ Impact Hub, Walker Building, 58 Oxford Street, Birmingham, B5 5NR

The concept of being black as a racial definition has emerged through centuries of racist ideology, much of which has been internalised by Africans across the globe. The struggle against oppression, enslavement and colonisation, leading to self hatred and mutilation of the African psychology.
Macro and micro-trauma has lead to a rise in neuro-psychiatric behaviours that are distinctly un-African. Conditions such as broken families, food induced ailments and hyper promiscuity can been traced to metabolic disruptions transmuted by what scientists call epigenetic.

So how do Africans reverse engineer their condition? How can Africans construct a more progressive social order? African holistic health starts with understanding African biology and the power of the melanin in our DNA. Understanding that is foundational for lasting change.

In this master class, our facilitator will break down the biological matter responsible for genetic memories and mutations. He will also map out a clear biological pathway to our experiences as humans, therefore uprooting the triggers of negative behaviours. This workshop will empower you to construct a more African centered sense of self, leading to stronger self esteem and permanent transformation.
What you will learn:
  • Be able to define melanin from a scientific concept
  • Be able to understand the social dynamics of the melanin existence
  • Psychological effects of melanin
  • Psycho-spiritual breakdown of melanin and its multi dimensions
  • Cultural based understanding of melanin
  • Learn the effects of diet and benefits of fasting
Facilitator – Jo Dash
Dash is a straight-talking community lecturer who is seen as a revolutionary in the field of African holistic health. After qualifying in biology and genetics Dash aligned his scientific knowledge with a personal interest in African history, spirituality and cultural science. He is the founding director of the Aboriginal Health Group.