‘BlackWoman 2018 – The Inauguration’ 

Saturday 23rd June 2018, 2:00 PM & 6:00 PM @ COS, 146 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BY

BlackWoman will showcase the best of four emerging designers and 20 models with Catwalk Shows, Human Rights Presentations, and Cultural Debates.
BlackWoman will be a glossy, crowd-pulling experience where young, edgy designers will showcase their next-generation cool, with art-world style presentations rather than a classic catwalk show.
BlackWoman was an original idea by Shane Campbell, concept further developed by Trevor Blackman (Ape Media), and is a fashion experience dedicated to celebrating the beauty and creative talent of African and Caribbean women living in London.
BlackWoman brings awareness in relation to discrimination that still takes place within the fashion and creative industries and society as a whole. The right not to be discriminated against is a right that belongs to everybody (regardless of colour), whatever our differences; BlackWoman goes a long way towards helping make this a reality within the fashion industry.


d-Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond is a vintage and retro Urban Fashion Brand that epitomises the current trend for exclusivity and individualised pieces in predominantly denim and leather that make a bold fashion statement, that sits well with street culture. The Designer Makeda Thomas represents her primary clientele – young, artistic, talented and ambitious. The brand is name d-Pink Diamond – because this is the rarest type and highest quality diamond available.


From her graduation, her seamstress journey started with working for Zandra Rhodes and progressed onto the likes of Vivienne Westwood. Joan Martinique prides herself on high-quality finish and moulding a garment to have the perfect fit on any body. She effortlessly showcases and stands for elegance, class, culture and timeless pieces. A Martinique creation is always unpredictable, every creation provides the mantra of impeccable quality and unique style.

Yetunde & The Vintage Alternatives (YATVA)

Who is YATVA? – YATVA stands for Yetunde & The Vintage Alternatives: Their newest addition is YATVA – M.I.A (Made in Africa).

Made in Africa, fashion and home collection was born, 7 years ago. With the aim to put African and Vintage in the limelight and turn all your unwanted African and bold prints into something fashionable using vintage as the platform for design and African print as the brain; supporting fair trade and to create jobs in Africa and Europe.


Pavement 2 Catwalk

Pavement 2 Catwalk is a social enterprise that uses fashion, art, film and photography to inspire those in disadvantaged communities, created by designer Donald Waugh. Pavement 2 Catwalk aesthetic is to create state of the art designs and a sublime range of outfits to suit all personalities. For BlackWoman Pavement 2 Catwalk will be using real flowers to create a whole collection.


£5 tickets available from eventbrite