Thursday 28th June 2018, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM @ Black Cultural Archives, 1 Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW2 1EF

Where is your Afro? Is it standing tall or hidden low? Are you inspired or underwhelmed by the Natural Hair Movement? Perhaps you haven’t had an Afro since you were a child. How might you go about fitting your Afro into your life? Or perhaps your Afro is your life! This event will be a safe space to share your experience with a panel of industry experts. Come along, tap into their knowledge, advice and their stories of promoting the beauty of their natural hair in a society that often communicates the opposite.

Topics to be discuss on the night:

  • Why is it never ‘just hair’ for Black women?
  • Is the language we use to describe our hair having a positive or negative impact
  • What are some tried and tested Afro hair care and transitioning practices?
  • How is ‘Afrovisibility’ moving forward in 2018?
  • Do Black people yet own the Afro hair care industry? Why/Why not?
  • How might misogynoir impact our hair choices?
  • What are the real hurdles of working/parenting/dating whilst natural and how do we overcome them?


  • Doors: 7:00 PM
  • Discussion: 7.30-9 PM
  • Networking: 9 – 9.30 PM

Speaker Panel:

Lekia Lée –

Image result for afrovisibility
Lekia Lée is a former broadcast journalist and founder of Project Embrace‘, a platform that promotes unconditional self- love and inspires women to love and embrace their natural Afro hair. She started the #afrovisibility billboard campaign to challenge narrow beauty ideals and to show that black beauty and hair is worthy of representation.
Josephine Otuagomah – 
Image result for Josephine Otuagomah The Black Hair Book
Josephine Otuagomah is the founder of ‘The Black Hair Book – a web platform helping people with Afro and curly textured hair find hairstylists in London. Josephine created TBHB because like many black women, she also struggled to find a good hairstylist. Josephine has been featured on numerous platforms including BBC Radio 5 Live, Janet’s List, and Just Entrepreneurs, and has collaborated with similarly disruptive hair-care brands including TreasureTress, and All Shades Covered. Josephine has a passion for good service and has made it her mission to ensure customers have enough information when choosing a hairstylist to make an informed decision and a pleasant salon experience.
Stella Lucien – 
Image result for Stella Lucien afrocks
Stella is co-founder and Head of business development of ‘Afrocks; an online marketplace that connects Afro and natural hair stylists with clients for in-home services. She has been involved in the Afro natural hair movement since 2003 when she stopped relaxing her hair and transitioned to wearing it in its natural state. This turn was the beginning of a journey towards self consciousness and a healthier lifestyle. Since then, Stella has been sharing her journey, encouraging women to embrace their natural selves! Her experience and passion for natural hair brought her to join the startup Afrocks in 2016 and take on the task of making natural hair care something normal…not something brave.
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