Black History Month Discussion: Marriage Culture and Religion in African, Caribbean and Asian communities in Britain

Saturday 13th October 2018, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM @ Dagenham Library, 1 Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, Romford, RM10 9NR

For most individuals, religion and culture affect their daily lives and their relationships. Whether you pray to God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha or anyone else is entirely between you and that entity. Despite the personal nature of religion, it is an issue that many couples struggle with on a repeated basis.

This event will be a discussion/debate about the impact of different cultures and religions on making or breaking marriages – how partners are viewed within the relationships, how the “African family” is under increasing pressure, and much more.

Is the clash of cultures and religions imported from Africa responsible for the rise in African families break ups, knife crimes amongst African youths, and children being taken into social care? Speakers will include religious leaders, social workers, youth/teenagers and family support workers.

For more information and register, please call: 07906343 050 or Email: This is a FREE event. Donations welcome.