The site acts as a gateway to explore exclusive one-of-a-kind events centred on the politics of gender, race and self-care, as it pertains to women of African and Caribbean descent living in the UK.

‘Meeting of Minds UK’ started off as a Facebook page. Launched on the 8th of January 2018.

Events have been specially curated, thematic and are posted daily. You will find a rich mix of listings and videos, that dig deep and shed light on a range of subjects from African ancestry and heritage; the politics of identity, race and belonging; the impact of gendered stereotypes; representation and cultural appropriation; social and political injustice; activism and advocacy; gender based violence; diversity, inclusion and multi-multiculturalism.

This site will showcase everything from talks, tours and theatre shows, to the latest cinema releases, conferences, exhibitions, master classes and festivals – take a look at our  UPCOMING EVENTS here.

Our ambition is to be the number one gateway of choice for Black women to connect, converse and collaborate – in the hope that we can have a MEETING OF MIND’S – discussing not only the impact of what we have watched, seen, heard or learnt, but to discuss the relationship or potential impact on our lives.

You will be spoilt for choice – so clear your diaries, and join me as we embark on a journey of self-discovery.

See you there!

PS: Don’t forget to check out #My2Cents – my commentary on societal issues. Here you will find fortnightly thought-provoking articles, to simulate intellectual debate, with the intention of implementing a sea change and promote a paradigm shift,  about a given problem – thus, appealing to your sense of justice and activism.

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