About us

A newly created platform is changing the way women of African descent can come together to connect, converse and collaborate.

Launched on the 8th of January 2018, Meeting of Minds acts as a forum for women to discover and attend exclusive and under-the radar events, in order to socially mix and stimulate debate about self-care, gender and race. We started the page because we believe black women in particular, are limited in their choice of open spaces, that cultivate authentic relationships, leading to personal progression and collective mobility.

Currently, there is no single depository (online or offline) that houses events for the culturally conscious Black British woman. Historically, many such events have been poorly promoted and unsupported. There is a real desire now for knowledge. For far too long we have been fed a diet poor in facts about our heritage, legacy and contributions to society. We are thought leaders, social disrupters and game-changers. Our narratives have been shaped by others, and their agenda is to dilute and devalue who we are, our power and our prowess. 

We want to cultivate an organic sisterhood and create an assembly for women who share common ideals, ambitions, concerns and experiences. Like many women, we crave stimulating discourse. 

Our hope is that Black Women (and men) can have a real ‘meeting of minds’, discussing not only the impact of what they have watched, seen, heard or learnt, but to examine its relationship or potential impact on our lives.