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Meeting of Minds is the Leading Exporter of African Narratives.

As a digital publishing company, we produce slow news and solutions journalism. As a cross-platform brand, we connect African women from the Diaspora to the Continent. We create new media experiences that centres cultural competency and racial literacy. Through high quality content and partnership brokering, we aim to disrupt traditional markets, challenge the status quo and buck conventional storytelling.


Staffed by an international team of Black female and non-binary writers, penning crucial and critical commentary at the intersection of race and gender. Our journalism is nuanced and novel, presenting piercing analysis, and delivering reportage on issues mainstream media overlook. With a global independent perspective, we provide counter and contrasting news, which is trustworthy, transparent and timely – stories that stir emotions and invoke action.
Our podcasts strike at the heart of the matter, each episode inspiring candid conversations with intellectuals and cultural change-makers, spotlighting the voices that matter. Our audio content gives listeners the space to dive deep into topics, ranging from politics and business to contemporary art and Black feminism - shifting paradigms and encouraging radical thinking and sustainable solutions.
Our masterclasses are a suite of modular learning resources representing forward-thinking industry best-practice, providing access to workshops and seminars with expert practitioners. Through the classes, social capital is increased, knowledge is gained and exchanged, and natural connections emerge - engineering an international network of like-minded peers.


To achieve all of this, we need your support. Your subscription ensures we can:

  • Make our platform more viable long-term
  • Expand the scale and scope of our team
  • Build new features and develop new programmes
  • Generate funding to invest in female-led start-ups

As a Black female owned business, we believe in paying it forward. Hence, our company ethos is to ensure greater economic parity via community participation, which leads to greater community rewards. Thus:

  • As our portfolio of Masterclasses grow, every time you watch a class, we will fund a day of business support for a female/non-binary leader
  • We will invest a 5% of subscription sales* into a chosen community project nominated and voted for by you
  • We will also apportion 10% of sales* into microfinance loans for female/non-binary entrepreneurs on the Continent of Africa. When they repay, we make another loan

*We will publish an annual report detailing the work and impact of the projects and start-ups supported.


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£13 / month

£80 / year

Unlimited access across our entire library

Premium content in the form of articles, episodes, interviews and workshops

Receive notification of our events 48 hours early

Reduced advertising rates to promote your event, product or service

‘Ask the Founder’ – intimate fireside chats, held online quarterly


A copy of our best-read articles published quarterly


Listen and download our Podcasts

Watch our Masterclasses and join our #PowerPlay Networking Group


Africa in Focus

£5.99 / month

£50 / year

A monthly publication, focusing on issues, stories and voices from Sub-Saharan Africa

Breaking news from the continent by our team of political correspondents


Compelling coverage on the movers and shakers disrupting the creative, tech and business eco-system

Collaborations and partnerships with grassroot organisations, activists and local community champions


Business news, investment and trade opportunities


Free access to What’s On, My2Cents and Founders Corner

We recommend

Real Reads

£4.99 / month

£40 / year

A monthly publication containing personal essays and opinion pieces, at the intersection of race and gender.

Exclusive editorials with luminaries, light the way to truth, power and justice

Up to the minute critical commentary on all things ‘Black Culture’ from a female lens

Sonically sound storytelling – listen in on intimate and impassioned interviews

#MindOverMatter – Book Club


#MindTrip – Travel Excursions


#MindYourBusiness – Enterprise Group


Free access to What’s On, My2Cents and Founders Corner

Grad Zine

£3.99 / month

£30 / year

A monthly publication that amplifies the student voice – the perfect balance of academic news and features, that are editorially exciting and driven by smart ideas

Insights and interviews with students, leading the charge to change tomorrow, today

Graduate-led content, on Uni life, health, courses and travel

Special discounts and career opportunities


Free access to What’s On, My2Cents and Founders Corner