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GENERATION WINDRUSH: Two-Part Podcast Series

12:00 pm | 04 May 2020
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Generation Windrush is a special two-part series posted on the podcast Your Broccoli Weekly. The series illustrates the difference between when the Generation Windrush were invited to rebuild the country after the second world war, compared to the way they were often treated when they arrived.

Episode 1 is an introduction into the Windrush generation. Allyson Williams MBE part of that generation herself, is introduced. Ms. Williams shares her experience of working in the NHS and her personal challenges of experiencing racism in a country she helped to rebuild.

Supporters of the Windrush generation are also featured, including Patrick Vernon MBE, founder of National Windrush Day on June 22nd. Patrick campaigned for this day to remember the key part Caribbean’s played in rebuilding Britain after WW2.

Historian and author Colin Grant is also featured. Grant collected almost 200 voices from the Windrush Generation to tell their life stories via interviews for his book ‘Homecoming’.

Episode 2 delves deeper into the political side of the Windrush Scandal in 2018. Here, many of the Windrush Generation were falsely accused of being illegal immigrants, and were subject to inhumane treatment by the Home Office. Key interviews with Journalists, Lawyers and other vital supporters shed light on the extent of the horrors faced during this time.

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This podcast is reviewed by our new resident contributor Maxine Harrison – Maxine is a freelance writer and founder of the Remi Reports blog– a lifestyle blog for freelance creatives. She has published pieces in The Independent and The Voice Newspaper.

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