Your One-Stop Cultural Events Guide

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘your network is your net-worth’. Well, this site is dedicated to women of African and Caribbean descent living in the UK, who want to build their social capital, co-produce, connect and converse with like-minded women.

This site is all about peer-to-peer influence, socialising and facilitating discussions on pertinent issues affecting Black British women. The events featured on this site, are a conduit to connect and a platform to stimulate debate on subjects that are often under the radar or not widely promoted.

In order to cultivate an organic sisterhood – one that fosters genuine and meaningful friendships, I invite you to join me and women all over the country to attend one-of-a-kind events, that will entertain, re-educate and empower you.

Events are thematic, and are posted daily. You will find a rich mix of listings, videos and social commentary that dig deep and shed light on a range of subjects from the principals and practices of Pan Africanism, ancestry and heritage; the politics of identity, race and belonging; the impact of gendered stereotypes; representation and appropriation; social and political justice; activism and advocacy; gender based violence, cultural diversity, inclusion and multi-multiculturalism.

You will be spoilt for choice – so clear your diaries, and join me, as we embark on a journey of self-discovery.

See you there!

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