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Beyond Hollywood: The Cultural Meaning of Film

Beyond Hollywood is an eye opening docu-series, that takes the viewer on an intimate journey through Ghana, where the cultural meaning of film is explored

7 Ways We Know Systemic Racism Is Real

Racism that infects the very structure of our society, is called systemic racism. And at first glance, it may be difficult to detect. It is built right into every level of our society in ways that might surprise you.

Why is it that only Black women get ‘cancelled’?

The modern phenomenon of ‘cancel culture’ remains the bogeyman of social media, except when it comes to black women

Blackfishing: ‘Black is cool, unless you’re actually black’

From Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez, the perceived trend for wanting to appear black shows no sign of slowing down

Discrimination in mental health services: David Harewood ‘Psychosis and Me’

“The disproportionate number of people from black and minority ethnicities detained is one of the most troubling and difficult areas… it’s not that you get recovery, it’s that you die there”

That’s Not Me: An interdisciplinary analysis of the black male identity in British hip-hop

Through hip-hop in Britain, the black British male identity has been transformed and adapted to display vulnerability, intellect, spirituality and ambition