Bridgerton takes on race


Feb 2021

lnstagram Filters and Their Effect on Body Image

As a Black Woman, I have succumbed to this pressure, banishing ‘unrefined’ pictures because I don’t want to show the internet my true face

Stolen Part 4. Child soldier
Feb 2021

Stolen: A Four-Part Series of Loss and Self-Discovery

A woman cannot raise you to become a man! A woman cannot help you to become a warrior!

Feb 2021

The Black Woman-Owned Brand Tailoring Crochet to All Bodies

The company promotes body diversity beyond the English-speaking world, encompassing age, race and image

PPE Scandal
Feb 2021

If COVID-19 Doesn’t Kill Us, Capitalism Just Might

Government ministers are no longer even being inventive with their corruption cover-ups

A demonstrator stands atop a vehicle and shouts slogans as others carry banners while blocking a road leading to the airport, during a protest over alleged police brutality, in Lagos Nigeria, 2020
Feb 2021

Nigeria’s Ban on Crypto a Blow to Economic Freedom

The foundations of Nigeria’s economic freedom have been under strain since 2020. Now, in 2021 the walls are visibly cracking

Feb 2021

Regional Development in Zambia Under Threat as COVID-19 Crisis Continues

Cross-border traders lack the funds to help them continue trading when the cost for travel has more than tripled

Black women have to juggle work and family
Feb 2021

Female Entrepreneurs over 30 Need Support Too

The lack of schemes for women in their 30s and beyond means that ‘mature’ women have to work harder to find aid

Rescue Ou Chibok Girls
Feb 2021

Bring Back Our Girls: The Search for Nigeria’s Missing Schoolgirls and Their Astonishing Survival

The small act of rebellion gave her strength. Her minders told her she would be killed if she did not convert, marry or bear his children

Laverne Cox- I can be so hard on myself
Feb 2021

Laverne Cox: ‘I can be so hard on myself’

Laverne talks about somatic therapy, debt, shame, her mother and structural racism through residential segregation

portraits of queer artists to nourish your soul
Feb 2021

Sex is Cool but Have You Ever Been Touched by the Romance of Queer Friendships?

Long before I ever expressed my queer identity, I knew and celebrated the softness and sanctity of my friendships with girls

50 years of LGBTQ Rights
Feb 2021

A Data-Driven Exploration Into the Varied Life Experiences of LGBTQ+ People

Queer people come out numerous times in their life. Every new job or new acquaintance brings about a process of re-introduction

Oloture Netflix Fim Promo Cover
Feb 2021

The Legal Storm Surrounding Netflix’s Òloturé Reveal The Complexity of Copyright Law

Personal feelings of intellectual proprietorship matter, but, unfortunately, they can’t always be proven by the law