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Ngozi Fulani: ‘Black women don’t want to risk their abusers being murdered’

‘African-Caribbean women have been asked by police, ‘if you were slapped where is the mark on your face?’

Race in the Writers Room: How Hollywood Whitewashes the stories that shape America

Over 90% of show-runners are white, two-thirds of shows had no Black writers at all

Reclaiming our time! Black Women, let’s talk about 2020

2020 feels like a season finale and Black women are the lead protagonists that deserve all the roses this world has to offer

Running (from) home

It is common for Black Germans to explore the skin we inhabit abroad

Period Poverty, Betrayed by My Anatomy

There is no shame in poverty, let alone, period poverty

Fibroids: One of the Last Taboos

If you do visit your GP, it can feel embarrassing to talk about, especially with a male doctor