28 April 2024

Arts & Culture

The Cult of Beauty

This major new exhibition explores notions of beauty across time and cultures
28 April 2024

Arts & Culture

Entangled Pasts, 1768 – now: Art, Colonialism and Change

A conversation about art and its role in shaping narratives of empire, enslavement, resistance, abolition, and colonialism
01 May 2024

Arts & Culture

The Royal Albert Hall and LionHeart present: The Poets’ Revival

The Hall becomes a forum of ideas and expression to champion change, providing a platform for the nation’s foremost wordsmiths
14 May 2024

Panel Talks & Workshops

Transnational Elites: Imperial Histories, Global Power and Public Resistance Today

Leading international and interdisciplinary scholars explore the roles and influence of contemporary transnational elites in an increasingly unequal world
28 May 2024

Free Events

Planting Resistance: Botanical Legacies of the African Diaspora

The expansion of large-scale industrial agriculture across tropical landscapes in the Americas is threatening Afro-descendant food systems
06 April 2025

Arts & Culture

NAOMI: In Fashion

Naomi moved beyond the world of fashion, performing in music videos, launching her own perfume and becoming a champion of diversity