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beauty is such a performance. and you have to constantly perform ... (upkeep yourself) for men to LOAN you respect. and even then, that beauty expires eventually. so no, i don’t think desirability is true power. it’s laden with too much labor and anxiety for it to be true power.

@alfredanwosu @illumiranda @saalestial But I ask essential to what? In... order for the category of beauty to exist it has to be juxtaposed by ugly(i.e.for there to be good there must be bad). So no matter how much we expand it there will always be exclusion. By upholding it as essential we accept that there must be ugly


#WhatsOn - Patriarchal Inscriptions: Female Bodies Contested,
... Invaded, Defended & Owned

Kings College London will be a hosting a series of virtual talks and panel discussions regarding the female body as a site of violence & exploitation.

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The way the female body is objectified and commodified in our media is... very disturbing. Black women in the West also experience a sense of conflict from not typically seeing ourselves depicted as desirable, which makes us more likely to see representation like this as positive 🥴

Ways to build awareness about #stoptheflight & #Jamaica50 (THREAD)...

The UK plan to deport people to Jamaica tomorrow and we need to be shouting about how inhumane this deportation is. People from this flight come from the Windrush Community.