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19 May 2021

Arts & Culture

The Guardian at 200: Windrush Histories and Mythologies of Race in Britain

Kennetta Hammond Perry and Kehinde Andrews lead two-part lecture that explores the Windrush story

19 May 2021

Arts & Culture

Hayward Gallery presents Igshaan Adams: Kicking Dust

Adams’ cross-disciplinary practice combines aspects of weaving, sculpture and installation whilst exploring concerns related to race, religion and sexuality

20 May 2021

Arts & Culture

Apollo Film Presents: ImageNation’s Cocktails & Sol Cinema

ImageNation – an innovative Harlem-based company partners with the Apollo to present screenings featuring Pan-African films

Real Reads Premium

Real Reads

Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth*

“If my mother contracted and died of the virus, I would not be able to forgive both myself and her for not working through our relationship”

Real Reads

Why Do Black Folks Assume I Date White People?

“You either abided by the laws of mainstream Black culture or you got relegated to the margins with the white people. Dougie or die”

Real Reads

Stolen: A Four-Part Series of Loss and Self-Discovery (Part Four of Four)

With amnesia comes riches and power unbound. My brother, my Adebiyi had been stolen, and he had forgotten

Africa in Focus Premium

Africa in Focus

#EveryDayFeminism Nigerian Feminist, Amarachi Nickabugu, Tweets a Misogynistic Law Every Day for Nearly a Year and Counting

“feminist advocacy should make people uncomfortable. It aims to disrupt the status quo – and there isn’t anything comfortable about it”

Africa in Focus

Vaccination Mistrust Among Africans is Rooted in a Long-Standing History of Exploitation

Historical drug trials across the continent provide a glimpse into the sinister history of Africa functioning as a testing ground for European scientists

Africa in Focus

Idriss Déby’s Son, Mahamat Déby Itno, Takes Over as Chad’s New President. Will Political Unrest in West Africa Follow?

Edith Magak and political commentators Nabilah Usman and Richard Ali, discuss the recent death of Chad’s former leader Idriss Déby, and the appointment of his son Mahamat Déby Itno

Grad Zine Premium

Grad Zine

Zero: The Unsung Hero

Zero not only gives us a show with a Black protagonist with superpowers, but sheds light on the issue of corrupt over policing in urban areas in Italy

Grad Zine

#PasToucheAMonHijab: How France is Erasing Muslim Women and Girls from Society

“2004 was the opening of the Pandora Box when Islamophobia became a legal form of discrimination and not just an opinion.”

Grad Zine

Enemy of the State: Is Education the Key to Overcoming Systemic Racism?

‘I’m not going to denigrate the efforts of teachers and leaders, but from a top-down perspective, the history curriculum is just a White Supremacist nightmare’


100 poets of African descent featured on new Pan-African digital platform

The SIV offers a fully interactive experience, a space to promote equality and diversity – an antidote to negative portrayals of Black art, culture and history

World Press Freedom Day 2021: Information as a Public Good

A day to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom, and to defend the media from attacks on their independence

Film Curator and Activist June Givanni Awarded the British Independent Film Awards’ Special Jury Prize

‘This history, this archive needs to be protected and that’s why I’m still working to make sure that happens in the longer term’

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#WhatsOn I Reorienting Cultural Creativity: The Making of African ... Fashion Studies I Thursday 20th May 2021 I 1 PM I Online I Free

In The Making of African Fashion Studies, co-founders Dr Erica de Greef and Lesiba Mabitsela present a range of projects led by

Last year I took a chance and responded to a call out by @MeetingUk , ... I was very anxious about it all. Little did I know they would love my article!

Here it is...

I'm looking to speak to West African women who have
... experienced feeling different in the workplace because of their gender and/or ethnicity for a piece for @MeetingUk.
I'd also like to speak to women who had their careers slowed or paused during the pandemic.