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Arts & Culture

BBC iPlayer presents Dark Matter: A History of the Afrofuture

In this film, we meet, see and hear from artists across three continents look at the horrors of the Black past and imagine alternative futures

31 July 2021

Arts & Culture

On the Year of My Birth with Vanessa Kisuule

An interactive session, with a mix of visual and audio prompts, giving poets new tools to add to their tried and tested methods of writing and performance

31 July 2021

Arts & Culture

LUX AFRIQUE – 3rd Annual Polo Day: Sport, Shopping & Sophistication

The 3rd annual edition of this event will showcase top international polo players from across Africa going head to head in an exhilarating match of polo

Real Reads Premium

Real Reads

Why the “Nerdy/Quirky Black Girl” is an Emboldening rather than Limiting take on our Femininity

Intelligence is a descriptor that we see reserved for the white archetypes, with nerdiness on screen being explored primarily in relation to whiteness

Real Reads

The Assassination of President Moïse: How Did We Get Here and What Lays Ahead for Haiti?

“The cycle of crisis after crisis during this period means that Haiti has never been given time to recover, pushing its economy and society to paper-thin limits”

Real Reads

Bad Hair Review: A Funny Satire that Shows the Horrors of Trying to Fit in

An ambitious young woman gets a weave to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. But her new hair may have a mind of its own

Africa in Focus Premium

Real Reads

Domestic Servitude and Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

Men enter the real world with no domestic skills, can’t cook, clean, or look after themselves because patriarchy promised them an unpaid caregiver in the form of a wife

Africa in Focus

Sex Education Curriculum in Zambia Under Review After Rejection

The government introduced Sex Ed. There was a widespread calls, led by the church and traditional leaders to do away with the subject

Africa in Focus

This Child of Mine

“His face is mine, but his parts are not. I… I don’t understand. Monica, we can’t raise this baby. It’s cursed.”

Grad Zine Premium

Grad Zine

A recent Tiktok trend exposes the brutality of white women’s tears in 2021

When white Women cry wolf, those they target are often harmed due to fear and race-based stereotypes

Grad Zine

The Myth of Matriarchal Africa

It’s harmful to erase the oppression of African women and girls for the sake of an ego boost

Grad Zine

Black Women and East Asian Pop Culture

Being a K-pop fan or being invested in the Korean drama industrial complex doesn’t take away from being Black


Grant Funding News: July 2021

New grant funding opportunities over the coming months

International Non-Binary People’s Day 2021

Non-binary is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity doesn’t sit comfortably with ‘man’ or ‘woman’

Inclusive Indies Campaign 2021 Announced

The campaign provides commercial and marketing support to independent presses, raising awareness of publishing diverse stories within the book trade


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Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne's Story
26.07.21 10PM @MTVUK
... It’s been a decade since the iconic British artist passed away. The 25-year-old lost her godmother #amywinehouse and the world mourned the death of an artist whose musical talents were beyond comprehension.

The Grierson Awards: Shortlist of Best Documentaries Announced

... Grierson Awards, also known as the British Documentary Awards, established in 1972, is the biggest event in the UK documentary calendar. The awards recognise and celebrate documentaries from Britain and abroad.


New Anthology ‘Black Joy’: A celebration of love,
... community, identity, and everything in-between! An empowering exploration of #blackjoy as an act of resistance, the book is a candid, contemporary and fresh perspective on race, love, friendship, and diaspora.