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27 May 2022

Panel Talks & Workshops

Counterpoint Arts: The Power to Create

Exchange ideas with speakers driving social change, and disrupting power structures through vibrant, game-changing cultural content

28 May 2022

Arts & Culture

A one-day event for the debut release ‘You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty’ by Akwaeke Emezi

A free immersive one-day event in the heart of Brixton Village that celebrates the publication of a new romance novel

04 June 2022

Arts & Culture

Mary Seacole: The pioneering Jamaican nurse

Putting the concept of a biopic through a kaleidoscope, Marys Seacole is a dazzling exploration, across oceans and eras

Real Reads

Real Reads

‘Open Water’ by Caleb Azumah Nelson: An Exploration of Black Love

To love, lose and lust is a universal experience, there is trauma, which has the power to rob people of the joy they deserve

Real Reads

Therapy “changed my life. It saved my life”: An Insight into Black Women’s Mental Health with The Maya Centre

‘For many of the women… it’s too much for them to unlock that cage that they have been put into, in their mind, as much as socially’

Real Reads

In conversation with Dominican Singer-Songwriter NAVY

Listeners can look forward to stories, interpretations, arguments, laments and even a little bit of flirting on the project

Africa in Focus

Africa in Focus

Building Connections, Skills, and Opportunities for Women in Nigeria’s Tech Industry

By opening pathways for Women, these organisations are helping provide safer working environments and reduced avenues for sexual harassment in this male-dominated field

Africa in Focus

Is Nigeria ready for the eNaira?

The digital currency issued directly to users, aims to promote financial inclusion, facilitate diaspora remittances, foster cross border trade

Africa in Focus

The collapse of the Ikoyi building in Lagos, proves that human rights starts with infrastructure

The unfolding events serve as a painful reminder that housing security cannot be bought. The bubble afforded to the elites does not guarantee safety

Grad Zine

Grad Zine

DJ Kem Kem on Stanford University, the Need for Women-Focused Spaces in Music, and Working with Tems

“It’s exhausting but I know my worth”: Grad Zine talks with the multifaceted Nigerian creative, ahead of her next show in London, in March

Grad Zine

Precious Mustapha on Fate: The Winx Saga and Complex Black Characters

“I was hoping that they went for a dark-skinned girl for accurate representation like the cartoon. So, I was really happy when I got the role”

Grad Zine

13 Going on 30: The Parentification of Black Girls

From cooking, cleaning, studying and taking care of siblings, essentially being the ‘second mother’ or ‘third parent’. Parentified children become hyper-independent adults


Thandiwe Newton’s performative apology is steeped in an identity crisis we helped create

Being lighter-skinned does have certain privileges, and we all know why. But what about personal integrity?

Even in death, you can’t escape racist backhand remarks

The ‘Pharaoh of Fabulosity’ was a flamboyant, towering Queer Black man

A New Standard of Beauty or Tokenistic Mannequins?

‘Reverse Bleaching’. ‘Black Skin Porn’. How the fetishisation of dark skinned Black Women has become a trend



Human Rights Abuses Still Persist Six Months on from Nigeria’s #EndSARS Movement

“I’ve been stopped, singled out for my hair, my short dress. They search my bags looking for condoms to arrest me for prostitution. It’s insane”.

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A Black mother sends her son to school. Son experiences racism & ... physical abuse from peers. School ignores complaints about this. Son is then beaten severely by the bullies, hospitalised and ends up losing a finger? This is the UK in 2022?

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List of PDF books provides a solid theoretical,
... empirical, and analytical framework showing and proving the processes of looting the African Resources and the exploitation of local miners in the continent. 👇🏿

bell hooks talked about the importance of defining love so you can ... clearly identify when it is or isn’t present because we have a tendency to see it as an undefinable feeling so we interpret the occasional moments of someone caring for us as love, when they otherwise abuse us

Today marks a year since Richard Okorogheye was laid to rest. The ... below is a statement from his family marking the day: 1/3

V. pleased to have an Early Career Fellowship: Inclusion, ... Participation and Engagement at SAS, UofLondon, to extend my research into using a ‘public collective memory interview' method for Black British Magazines 1990-1999. Watch out for an invitation to participate.