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13 December 2021

Arts & Culture

African Diasporic Modernism

Exploring an alternative modernity that counters the idea of transforming ‘undeveloped’ nature for the sake of capitalist expansion

31 December 2021

Panel Talks & Workshops

Masterclass: Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love 

Gain a foundational understanding of the history of white supremacy and embrace the power and resilience of Black love

Real Reads Premium

Real Reads

#BHM Valerie Goode is taking the term “grassroots activism” quite literally, with her community garden

“It’s vitally important that we have spaces where we have the autonomy to grow food in peace and free ourselves from the corporate toxic food production system”

Real Reads

#BHM Olive Morris: the Unapologetically Black Radical Squatter

Morris fought institutional racism, sexism and an economic system that squeezed any real comfortability from the working class to feed the glutinous few

Real Reads

#BHM Barbados’ First Female Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, Is Making History Her Story 

“We refuse to be relegated to the footnotes of history, and to be collateral damage to the greed of others”

Africa in Focus Premium

Africa in Focus

The collapse of the Ikoyi building in Lagos, proves that human rights starts with infrastructure

The unfolding events serve as a painful reminder that housing security cannot be bought. The bubble afforded to the elites does not guarantee safety

Africa in Focus

Image Based Abuse: How Revenge Porn is Violence Against Women

We make it seem like it’s okay to humiliate Women for having sex or sharing intimate pictures with a partner, then blame the victim whilst protecting the perpetrator

Africa in Focus

#BHM Elizabeth Marami is Going Against the Tide

“Sexual harassment does happen, as women are the minority. But I have learnt to put my foot down and insist that on board a ship, we are colleagues”

Grad Zine Premium

Grad Zine

13 Going on 30: The Parentification of Black Girls

From cooking, cleaning, studying and taking care of siblings, essentially being the ‘second mother’ or ‘third parent’. Parentified children become hyper-independent adults

Grad Zine

#BHM Joycelyn Longdon: Connecting Creativity and Climate Activism

Climate activism starts by nurturing an emotional connection with nature, rather than performing on social media and policing the actions of others

Grad Zine

In conversation with Bantú Mama star Clarisse Albrecht: An ode to the global Black diaspora

A film that resembles us, as Afro descendants, being Caribbean with a rising consciousness of Africanity


TikTok Introduces new Black Creator Trailblazers Programme

A new initiative designed to nurture and develop 30 talented, emerging Black creators, musicians and artists

Common Threads: Black and Asian British Women’s Writing International Conference

Call for Papers: We welcome submissions from academics, postgraduate and early career researchers, teachers, publishers and literary activists

Afrofuturism, Mysticism and Climate Justice

Visual meditations on the environmental crisis in the Niger Delta raising urgent questions around environmental degradation, to coincide with the UNs COP26



Human Rights Abuses Still Persist Six Months on from Nigeria’s #EndSARS Movement

“I’ve been stopped, singled out for my hair, my short dress. They search my bags looking for condoms to arrest me for prostitution. It’s insane”.

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I don’t think you can explain American gun obsession without ... connecting it to settler fear of indigenous resistance, slaver fear of uprising, man’s fear of women’s autonomy. What it takes to maintain dominion over stolen land, seized lives and the original “means of production.”

And we saw this play out with the Chrisland saga where the school ... spent years disgracefully arguing that statutory rape was not in fact, statutory rape.

We have a child rights problem in Nigeria, which is a subset of our larger human rights problem.

bell hooks cautioned that "critique can become merely an expression of... profound cynicism, which then works to sustain dominant culture."

A reminder that so called population control in the name of ... environmentalism is really black & brown population growth control or aka social or geopolitical cleansing, which is really racialised eugenics which is really white supremacy.

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i'm looking for a Black or Brown sound artist for a three-screen film ... project i'm working on to be exhibited next year at a few galleries across the UK. project has Black men at the centre of it, but open to all genders for sound artists! please drop work below if possible 🙏🏿

Artist Opportunity!
CasildART is calling for submissions from artists
... of African, African Caribbean and Caribbean heritage for an art exhibtion entitled Routes & Roots in April 2020. Enquiries: