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05 February 2023

Arts & Culture

The Ballerina at VAULT Festival

Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ meets Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

11 February 2023

Arts & Culture

Pilot Theatre presents: Noughts + Crosses

Noughts & Crosses explores a segregated world, in which daily life presents various struggles, inequities, and challenging circumstances

16 February 2023

Arts & Culture

Portrait of Melissa Thompson by Kehinde Wiley

Wiley’s portrait depicts Melissa Thompson, a young woman the artist met at Ridley Road Market in Dalston, East London

Real Reads

Real Reads

Autograph presents: Amplify ‘Stranger in the Village’ Afro European Matters

interdisciplinary artists create new works, emphasising the experience Afrodiasporic communities in Europe, identity formations. migration and freedom of movement

Real Reads

SHE’S IN Ctrl: Dr Anne Marie Imafidon’s new Book on How Women Can Take Back Tech

An inspirational exploration of why women are under-represented in tech, why it matters, and what we can do about it

Real Reads

In conversation with Candy-Ellie Graham, founder of Cultural Style Week

A new global movement to encourage and empower people of all backgrounds to celebrate their unique cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty

Africa in Focus

Africa in Focus

London’s biggest festival of African cinema, Film Africa, celebrates its 10th Edition

Themes covered include a mother’s love, belonging, sisterly bonds, migration, sexuality, gender, religion, repressed trauma and freedom struggles

Africa in Focus

Phaidon catalogues a continuum of African Artists from 1882 to today

A groundbreaking A-Z survey of the work of over 300 modern and contemporary artists born or based in Africa

Africa in Focus

Iwájú: Disney and Kugali to Collaborate on New Series

Described as a ‘love letter to Nigeria’, the long-form series is steeped in science fiction, and includes themes of class divide and inequality

Grad Zine

Grad Zine

DJ Kem Kem on Stanford University, the Need for Women-Focused Spaces in Music, and Working with Tems

“It’s exhausting but I know my worth”: Grad Zine talks with the multifaceted Nigerian creative, ahead of her next show in London, in March

Grad Zine

Precious Mustapha on Fate: The Winx Saga and Complex Black Characters

“I was hoping that they went for a dark-skinned girl for accurate representation like the cartoon. So, I was really happy when I got the role”

Grad Zine

13 Going on 30: The Parentification of Black Girls

From cooking, cleaning, studying and taking care of siblings, essentially being the ‘second mother’ or ‘third parent’. Parentified children become hyper-independent adults


2022 Year in Review

2022 was a very sombre year, characterised by soaring food and energy prices, record breaking temperatures, and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

AVOCADO+ Applications open for the UK’s only accelerator programme for BAMER-led organisations

An innovative one year programme designed to build the capacity and sustainability of small organisations

Rishi wins the race to the top. But will his race divide or unite the UK?

Is Sunak’s appointment a triumph of EDI, or is he just another tokenistic pawn, pursuing dither and delay tactics against racial progress



Human Rights Abuses Still Persist Six Months on from Nigeria’s #EndSARS Movement

“I’ve been stopped, singled out for my hair, my short dress. They search my bags looking for condoms to arrest me for prostitution. It’s insane”.

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We don’t need more black billionaires or more black police ...officers.
We don’t need more black right wing politicians.
We need to transform social relations and redistribute wealth, power and resources

Walking, running, sleeping, driving. Begging for mothers. Begging for... air to breathe. Begging for mercy. And still nothing changes. It’s disgusting.

I don't know how much clearer I have to be. Black people can ...internalise racism in the same way that:

- Women can defend and protect abusive men and sex predators
- Working Class people can vote Tory

Here endeth the lesson.

9. My write up here. I'm not sure I've explained it clearly in this ...thread or in the blog post. It's a really complicated issue. But it looks like a monumental, epic screw up by the Home Office, which has simply buried its head in the sand for years.

1. Imagine a situation where the state has misunderstood its own ...nationality laws for 20 years. That state has either wrongly issued passports to tens of thousands of people and will now have to take them back. Or has wrongly denied citizenship to tens of thousands of others.