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An Introduction to Africology Origins, Migrations & The Concept of Race

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm | 08 July 2020
Online | Free

These challenging times see us engaged in a passionate debate on racism and race. The murder of Black men in particular, though not exclusively, by police authorities and the seeming absence of justice in the prosecution of the guilty, has brought about a global reaction from people of different ethnicities.

Where did this idea of race come from?

Is it scientific and how did it give birth to white supremacy?

These and many more questions will be examined and explored by historian and playwright Khareem Jamal, who is one of the creators of ‘Black Heroes In The Hall of Fame’, as well as the writer director of ‘The Voices Of Black Folk’ series, his latest production ‘Black Voices in Britain Before the Windrush‘, is scheduled for April and May 2021.

Khareem will present a lecture on how the idea of race has created the present world we live in, whilst exploring the multitude of misconceptions we have about history in general and African history in particular.

He will take questions and attempt to give answers to the pressing concerns on matters of race and race relations.

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Photo credit: City Life, 2016. © Aïda Muluneh

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