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An Introduction To Anti-Racism

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm | 07 September 2020
Online | £12

‘An introduction to Antiracism’ is a course written and delivered by Jess Mally.

In this course, which takes place over 4 weeks, Jess introduces the participants to the realities of living in a racist society, unpacks terminology like white supremacy and white privilege and gives the participant a holistic understanding of how the UK got to where it is today.

Jess’ passion lies in helping people understand that the work before us will not take place overnight, and while legislation and policy must change, those changes will only have true and lasting impact if society as a whole begins to undergo a transformation of the mind.

In order to effectively dismantle white supremacy and create a society equal and fair for all, we have to tackle the mindsets that continuously uphold this system – even though often unintentionally.

Aside from giving a clear picture of the state of affairs and how we got here, Jess also offers a number of tools to begin this antiracist journey.

This will be a safe space to unpack these issues.

All participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality online form.


  • Single Module £12
  • Full Course (x4 Modules) £40

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This course is for white people and non-black people of colour who are not afraid to face the facts, are ready to go on a journey, and are committed to take responsibility to change the system they have for so long benefited from. It is a beginner course and only an introduction.

This course is also for Black people who want to learn to better articulate the current state of affairs. Please be aware that some of the content might be triggering.

All participants will receive an extensive reading list at the end of the course to further educate themselves.


Each session will run for 90 minutes which includes a time for questions, sessions will run via Zoom

Module 1: Laying the groundwork, recent events & the UK’s cry for racial justice

  • Context to what being antiracist means, clarify terminology and introduce the course
  • Connecting the dots between recent events and the recent ‘awakening’ of the world to the realities of racial injustice – why Amy Cooper brought the pot to a boil even before George Floyd’s murder and what has (or hasn’t) changed since
  • Explaining Collective Trauma and why all Black people were affected by those events (with personal examples)
  • The reality of racial injustice in the UK and why the cry for change resonated with the Black Community

Module 2: Racism in the UK – A brief history and the state of affairs

  • An overview of Britain’s colonial mindset and the British communities leading role in the transatlantic slave trade
  • Black British history – An Overview
  • Connecting the dots – how a narrative was shaped throughout history
  • Where we are now (with a clear understanding of how we got here) – the realities and inequalities of being Black in the UK today

Module 3: Ask the ‘Awkward’ Questions

  • In this session participants will have the opportunity to ask the questions they wouldn’t otherwise ask. Submitted anonymously and prior to the session via a form, I will go through them and answer all questions
  • This is a unique offering and I would like to make it very clear that this should not be expected from any Black person – I am doing it as part of my job. This is emotional labour not all Black folks are willing or able to partake in and I ask participants to respect that in their daily life.

Module 4: Antiracist practices

  • As we will establish throughout the course, being antiracist is more than attending a course or reading a book and it doesn’t happen overnight. In this session I will outline and introduce a number of practices that those who want to become truly antiracist, lead antiracist lives, run antiracist companies and organisations can turn to in their day to day life.

The course takes place every Monday, from 7th – 28th September 2020 8 – 9.30 PM (BST)