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Anti-Racism in the Publishing Industry

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm | 17 August 2020
Online | £5 - £10

Join this stellar line-up of grassroot leading practitioners in the book, magazine, film, radio, education, archiving and heritage industries, all-under-one-roof!

This is a must-attend event by anyone serious about how the African/Caribbean image and narrative has been, and is being portrayed in the media as well as in educational institutions.

“We of the African race are suffering more than any other race in the world from propaganda – Propaganda to destroy our hope, our ambitions and our confidence in self” The Most Honourable Marcus Garvey

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Toyin Agbetu is a scholar-activist and community-educator at Ligali, a Pan African, human-rights-based organisation that challenges Afriphobia and the misrepresentation of African people, culture, and history in the British media.

Emmanuel Amevor is a Cultural Entrepreneur. He was for over two decades the CEO of Centerprise Trust Ltd in Hackney, he runs WordPower Publications, he is also a book distributor, specialising in black books and culture.

Michael Williams, is a publisher, writer, scientist, and founder of BIS Publications , BIS Publishing Courses, and Black Scientist & Inventors. He has been actively involved in the publishing industry for over 20+ years.

Dr. June Alexis an African, born in Jamaica she is a former Ofsted Inspector of Secondary Schools and former Headteacher, education consultant and writer. She has been actively involved in education for 30+ years.

Arthur Torrington CBE is a Director and co-founder of the Windrush FoundationThe Equiano Society, and Chair of the African Heritage Forum. He has been actively involved in community advocacy for over 40 years.

Courttia Newland has published seven works of fiction including his debut, The Scholar. His latest novel, The Gospel According to Cane, was published in 2013. The forthcoming novel, A River Called Time and a collection of speculative fiction stories Cosmogramma, will be published by Canongate in 2021. Newland’s short stories have appeared in many anthologies, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and included in Best of British Short Stories 2017. He has been awarded the Tayner Barbers Award for science fiction writing and the Roland Rees Bursary for playwriting. He was previously an associate lecturer in creative writing at the University of Westminster and is completing a Ph.D. in creative writing. As a screenwriter, he has written two feature-length films for the Steve McQueen BBC series Small Axe, of which Lovers Rock was jury selected for Cannes 2020. Impact, a feature, and The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be, a science fiction short, is currently in development with Film Four.

Marlon Palmer for 21 years has led the way in opening film industry doors, forging access to numerous UK cinemas across the UK when it was non-existent, recognised by mainstream distributors and hired as a marketing consultant on numerous major film campaigns and through his companies doing what no other Black-led Film Exhibition/PR company has ever done before in the UK – he is recognised by all current-day black/urban film exhibitors as a pioneer and forerunner in the UK film Industry.

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