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Birkbeck’s Big Ideas Online! | Working Class Women and West African Liberation

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | 28 May 2020
Online | Free

Ekua Andrea Agha will examine the factors that led to the creation of new roles for working class women in West African societies during the colonial period.

The talk will make specific reference to Sembene Ousmane’s seminal novel, God’s Bits of Wood, to illustrate how women who were marginalised from the socio-economic centre of activity during this period challenged the African patriarchal and colonial systems by playing an active part in the historical 1947 Dakar-Niger railroad workers’ strike.

Ekua will analyse how the effects of the defiant actions taken by these women who confronted the French colonial administration became the catalyst for the demand for liberation of French West Africa from France.

Format of the event:

As with our usual Birkbeck’s  Big Ideas events, you will be able to watch a lecture from Ekua about her research.

For the first time, we will be delivering this via video. We will send a link to the video to everyone who signs up here.

This will reach you by Tuesday 26th May at the latest and you can watch this in your own time. The video will be roughly 30 – 40 minutes long.

You are then also welcome to join us for a live, online Q&A with Ekua Andrea Agha via video link. This Q&A will be led by Sophie and Hester from Birkbeck’s Access and Engagement team on Thursday 28th May.

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