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Black Wall Street: 99 Years on from Tulsa’s Race Riot

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | 05 August 2020
Online | £5

Anti-racism has to go beyond posting a black square on Instagram. One facet of being anti-racist is to learn about the history of the black experience, not just in the UK but, in this ever-connected world, in the USA as well.

Tulsa’s Black Wall Street in the early 1900’s was made up of 40 blocks of black-owned businesses, restaurants, services, banks, and homes. All were destroyed and hundreds of Black people were murdered during the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot & Massacre.

Though a community was left in flames, very few know how they picked up the pieces, unified, unselfishly shared resources and rebuilt what was taken and looted from them.

This session is being opened up to the UK audience by Convergent Consulting in partnership with The Hip Historians. We hope to engage you with the fascinating history of Tulsa’s thriving black community and the injustice of its destruction.

Join us for an eye-opening look into the history of Black Wall Street from 1921 to the 1960s.

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About the Speaker:

Kristin Johnson, founder of The Hip Historians, serves as an advocate for history and the power and wisdom that is gained when we embrace and honour it. The Hip Historians is a grassroots empowerment organisation that focus on the leadership, social, mental and educational development of youth across the USA.

Kristin Johnson is a native Detroiter at heart and an adopted Texan in spirit. A graduate of the illustrious Central State University located in Wilberforce, Ohio. Receiving her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Ms. Johnson devotes her energy and efforts to community and leadership development and has served in various leadership roles while on campus and in her surrounding communities. Most notably Student Government Association.

She is a President Thurgood Marshall Scholar, two-time time Miss Black & Gold for the infamous Delta Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated and most notably Ms. Johnson has also served in various roles at the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument since 2017; and has successfully aided in utilising creative programs and marketing techniques to connect the Wilberforce, Ohio community and the National Park Service.

Kristin stands out because of her love of culture, community, history, and nature.

Illustrations by: Clayton Henry

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