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Black Women in Activism

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm | 28 November 2019
Peckham Palms Arcade | £14

Are you passionate about a particular cause? Do you want to TAKE ACTION beyond Facebook keyboard wars? Maybe you’re already Queen Blacktivist but currently struggling with burn out, lack of resources or dwindling motivation. Or perhaps you’re a newbie who gets as far as signing a petition or two but with no clue what the process is or where they go…

If any of this sounds like you, be sure to join us for an evening of lively discussion about Black women and activism!

This event will bring together some powerhouse women who are usually less talk and more action when it comes to what they believe in. Come along, sip some wine and let’s tap into their knowledge, experience, advice and stories of pushing for change.

The kind of topics we’ll be getting into on the night:

  • How do you really tap into your passion in order to ignite lasting change?
  • Why are Black women always on the front lines; shouldn’t we step back and be protected for a change?
  • Can activism be an actual job/career path in 2019? Or is it more a labour of love?
  • What are the elements of a good campaign?
  • With liberation comes burden. How do you know when to step back and focus on self?


Stella Dadziee is a published writer and historian, best known for The Heart of the Race: Black Women’s lives in Britain which won the 1985 Martin Luther King Award for Literature, and was recently re-published by Verso as a Feminist Classic. She is a founder member of OWAAD (Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent), a national umbrella group for Black women that emerged in the late 1970s as part of the British Civil Rights movement. She was recently described as one of the “grandmothers“ of Black Feminism in the UK, and her personal archive in Brixton‘s Black Cultural Archives is one of its most visited collections.

Zahra Dalilah is a Black feminist writer and activist from Lewisham. In her professional life she is a facilitator/educator/trainer and an arts and culture writer with a focus on emancipatory Black arts. She has been involved in projects on Black British Fatherhood, anti-gentrification in London, youth work and social justice education and has historically been around the land and food movement. She is a co-founder of community organisation KinFolk Network, a community organisation bringing Black organisers, activists and campaigners together from across the UK.

Brigitte Gambou is an author and activist who campaigns for the thousands of African women and children across the world who are falling prey to cultural traditions and gender-based violence such as rape, domestic violence, child marriage, sexual cleansing, female genital mutilation and even murder, in the name of culture. She founded the charity FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) in 2016. FORWARD works tirelessly to stop cultural traditions destroying lives. FORWARD serve African families in the UK, France, Sierra Leone, Morocco and Ivory Coast. They encourage, offer expert advice, counselling, refuge and provide support to victims.​ She now speaks all over the world giving testimony of the lives that have been changed by experiencing freedom from African culture.

More speakers to be announced.

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