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Capitaine Thomas Sankara + Q&A with Dr Ama Biney

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm | 21 September 2019
BFI Southbank | £6.50

Don’t miss this acclaimed documentary about the intelligent, radical and humane former President of Burkina Faso.

Tickets for this screening are the usual £6.50. Customers who have already purchased tickets will be refunded the difference. Dr Ama Biney will either join us in person or via Skype for the Q&A which will be hosted by Tony Warner from Black History Walks.

An acclaimed documentary portrait of the brilliantly intelligent, radical, humane, public-spirited (and guitar-playing) former President of Burkina Faso. The film is meticulously composed from archival footage and reconstructs Sankara’s life and leadership challenge as well as the radical reforms brought about during his short term in office – from 4 August 1983 until his tragic assassination on 15 October 1987. A punk score by The Ex reflects and responds to the radicalism and idealism of this iconic African leader.

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Read about Thomas Sankara’s life in ‘A Certain Amount of Madness: The Life, Politics and Legacies of Thomas Sankara’, edited by Amber Murrey – an in depth collection of essays celebrating and critiquing the life of one of Africa’s most important anti-imperialist leaders.

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This is a GENERAL ADMISSION event. First come first served. Purchase your tickets now from here

About Dr Ama Biney:

Dr Ama Biney is a Ghanaian Pan-Africanist, scholar, activist and journalist living in the United Kingdom.

Ama Biney received her first degree at the University of Birmingham in African Studies, Masters in Government & Politics of West and Southern Africa from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London in 1988. She has 15 years of lecturing experience in the areas of: African & Caribbean History, 20 th Century World History, African American history at Kensington & Chelsea College, Middlesex University and Oxford University. She obtained her PhD at the University of London on the subject matter: “Kwame Nkrumah: An Intellectual History.” As a Pan-Africanist she is also interested in the history of African people in Latin America. She wrote the article for New African magazine, controversially entitled: “Why I won’t vote for Barack Obama” and is interested in issues affecting people of African descent wherever they may be in the world. Read a selection of Dr Biney’s work here


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