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Discourse on African Leadership: Models of Nation Building in Africa

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm | 25 June 2020
Online | £49 - £89

Our Discourse on African Leadership programme is a seven-part lecture series that examines the nature and truth of post independent nation building in Africa.

It explores the nuanced and complex challenges that post-colonial leaders faced in developing peace and prosperity for their country; including analysis on their political and macroeconomic performance.

The series theorises various leadership philosophies and models; plus the moral and development ideologies of some of the most notorious political actors of our time.


Asari Sobukwe is a political commentator and expert in Pan-African history. Inspired by scholars such as Dr Ben, Dr Finch and Dr Ivan Van Sertima, Asari is a committed member AJAMU and the AAPRP which focusing on educating the African and African Caribbean communities of Britain and co-organises ALD on the 26th May each year.

Click here to view full course description, schedule and learning outcomes.

Please note: attendees will receive a link to the webinar page when 48 hours prior the lectures or, if after, once purchase is completed. 

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