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Dreaming Whilst Black: Billed as the BBC’s first Black comedy drama

11:10 pm - 11:40 pm | 26 April 2021
BBC One |

With true-to-life comedic beats, Dreaming Whilst Black, is adapted from the hugely popular web series co-written by Adjani Salmon and Ali Hughes.

Loosely inspired by real life events, Dreaming Whilst Black, tackles issues of racism in the film industry. It follows aspiring filmmaker Kwabena in and out of reality as he tries to make it in Babylon. With the echoes of his family’s disappointment at his chosen career in his ears and a complicated personal life to navigate, can Kwabena scale all of the hurdles laid out in front of him to get his script commissioned?

In the first episode, Kwabena has been stuck in his dead-end recruitment job for way longer than he initially planned. He spends the majority of his time in reveries of accomplishing his dream: to be a filmmaker.

When he bumps into Amy, an old friend from film school who is now working at a production company, he gets the chance that he’s been waiting for. Unfortunately, the once-in-a-lifetime pitching opportunity clashes with an important presentation Kwabena has to deliver for one of the recruitment company directors.

Already on a warning for his slack performance, Kwabs knows that if he bails on the presentation, he is likely to lose his job. But this pitch could also be the first step towards following his dream.

Co-creator, writer and star of Dreaming Whilst Black, Adjani Salmon says: “After such a phenomenal response to the original web series, where we found an audience who really connected to Kwabena’s journey, I’m happy we’ve made our show for TV. I’m excited to share this story with our earliest and new audiences alike.”

Adjani Salmon is an award-winning writer and director from Jamaica. Before graduating from the Met Film School, he wrote and directed his web series, which achieved over 40,000 views in 3 months. In 2013, Adjani moved to the UK to pursue his Masters in Directing Film. His graduation film, His Father’s Son, screened at numerous film festivals internationally, including Cannes, Blackstar and the Montreal World Film festival. He is the writer, producer and lead actor for Dreaming Whilst Black and co-founder of 4Quarter Films.

The first episode is available to watch here

The next episode will broadcast on BBC One on Monday 26 April 2021, 11.10pm.

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