how anti-racism lost its way

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From Anti-Racism to Diversity and Inclusion: How Anti-Racism Lost its Way

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm | 05 May 2021
Online | Free

As mainstream corporate charities and organisations rush to develop their diversity and inclusion agendas after the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, the real meaning of anti-racism is being lost.

In this talk we look into:

  • How the struggle against racism has been de-politicised.
  • How tackling state and, institutional racism collectively has been supplanted by notions of overcoming individual adversity.
  • How the illusion of ‘meritocracy’ has taken root in black middle-class professionals and impacted the anti-racist movement.

Join our speakers for a discussion:

  • Wilf Sullivan – Chair
  • Suresh Grover – The Monitoring Group
  • Pragna Patel – Southall Black Sisters
  • Chantelle Lewis – Surviving Society Podcast

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