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Harnessing the Power of Advertising to End Racism & Bias

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | 20 November 2020
Online | Free

It’s time for the media industry to step up and support its words with actions when it comes to racial injustice across the sector.

What and how can industry business leaders do to help erase racial bias?

What is the cost of not having those from underrepresented backgrounds as part of the planning and strategy process in advertising?

How does the industry change the narrative, stop media stereotypes of the black community and help bridge the racial pay gap, similarly to the way it is doing so with gender?

Find out how everyone can stand shoulder to shoulder and be an ally to their under-represented colleagues and help provide a greater voice to promote racial equality in the workplace.

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Shanice Mears, Co-Founder and Head of Talent, The Elephant Room

Miriam Faber, Content and Campaign Lead, D&I Leader, Facebook

Christopher Kenna, CEO and Founder, Brand Advance

Moderator, Jeremy King, CEO, Festival of Media