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How Black Women Get Published: Jendella Benson in conversation with Nancy Adimora

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm | 02 July 2020
Online | £8.14 - £19.46

From the outside, the walls of the publishing industry can seem impenetrable or reserved for those with inside connections.

Recent conversations on Twitter under the hashtag #PublishingPaidMe revealed stark disparities between what black and white authors are paid, which makes diversity schemes by big publishers look like empty promises.

But for the black women who still want to enter an industry that is notoriously elitist – whether as an author or as a publishing professional – what are the ways in?

How can black women navigate that, and is there real change to be made?

Join Nancy Adimora, Talent & Audience Development Manager at HarperCollins & Founding Editor of AFREADA  ,an African literary magazine – in frank conversation with Jendella Benson

(Head of Editorial at Black Ballad) about black women and the current literary landscape in the UK.

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