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Intangible Roots: Exploring the Heritage of Black Dance, Culture & People

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm | 11 July 2020
Online | $25

The purpose of this course is to illuminate personal and cultural dynamics of ethnic diversity through hip-hop cultures political, social, economic, environmental circumstances and spiritual practice in the United States.

This course will expand the student’s knowledge of the human condition and human cultures as expressed and validated through African American dance as an embodied cultural practice and art form.

We will investigate the conceptual and theoretical foundation of Hip-Hop music and dance as it pertains to the heritage and lived experience of African American people. We’ll experience Hip-Hop’s manifestations across media, screening dance films, listening to music, and reading essays.

Reading provided on

July 10th The Ring Shout

  • Discuss reading at beginning of class (breakout session)
  • Reading before class: The Kongo Cosmogram (pages. 13-30)
  • Focus: Circles, Ciphers, and Spirit

*Homework for next class:Read: “Scripting the Black Masculine Body : Identity, Discourse, and Racial Politics in Popular Media’ by Ronald L. Jackson, then watch ‘Ethinc Notions’ – and fill out the worksheet.



Course Overview:

July 17th Ethnic Notions: Blackface, Black-Hair and Black Awareness

  • Discuss reading and film at beginning of class (breakout session)
  • Zoom Assignment: TBA

Homework for next class: read Deidre Sklar, “Five premises for a cultural sensitive approach to dance”

July 24th Beyond the Movement

  • Discuss reading at beginning of class (breakout session)
  • Focus: breakdown the meanings and messages in various YouTube videos and music videos.

Homework for next class: Read, “The Miseducation of Hip Hop” by Moncell Durden

July 31st Shaking the Dust

  • Discuss reading at beginning of class (breakout session)
  • Focus: Explore and discuss the true lineage of the elements of hip hop
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NB: This course begins on Friday 10.30 AM PDT / Saturday 11th July, 5.30 PM GMT

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