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Introduction to Black Studies Course

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | 14 January 2021
Online | £399

Introduction to Black Studies Course is a 30 week beginner’s course that analyses all the major areas of the Black Experience –  History, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Science & Technology, Arts, and finally Religion.

All of the information is selected is of relevance and interest to the Black Community. The information itself is designed to inspire, challenge and to provoke serious thought.

Using a lecture-discussion format, the course will run for 30 weeks, one lecture per week on either a Thursday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM or Saturday afternoon from 12:00  PM to 2:00 .

Reading lists and also course materials are provided.

The course is divided into three 10 week terms consisting of the following lectures:

Term 1


Class 1   Introduction to Black Studies


Class 2   The facts concerning the Origins of Humanity
Class 3   Who Were the Ancient Egyptians? (Part I)
Class 4   Who were the Ancient Egyptians? (Part II)
Class 5   Origins of Civilisation: Middle East or East Africa?
Class 6   Black Civilisations on the Asian Continent: Elam, Saba and the Indus Valley
Class 7   North African Civilisations: Carthage and Numidia
Class 8   West African Civilisations: Ancient Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empire
Class 9   East African Civilisations: Kush, Axum and the Swahili Confederation
Class 10 South African Civilisations: Great Zimbabwe and Munhumutapa

Term 2

Class 11   Maafa: The Transatlantic Enslavement of Africans (Part I)
Class 12   Maafa: The Transatlantic Enslavement of Africans (Part II)


Classes 13 and 14   Introduction to Black Political Realities


Class 15   The Birth of Radical Black Sociology
Class 16   The Black Family
Class 17   Black Male/Female Relationships


Class 18   Franz Fanon and the Birth of Black Psychology
Class 19   Developmental Psychology of Black Children
Class 20   Research Findings of Key Black Psychologists

Term 3 


Class 21   The Black World’s Contribution to Science and Technology (Part I)

Class 22 The Black World’s Contribution to Science and Technology (Part II)


Class 23   Traditions of Ancient African Art: Sahara, Nok, Igbo, Yoruba, and Benin
Class 24   Roots of Black Music


Class 25   Ancient and Traditional Religions of Africa
Class 26   Judaism and the Black World
Class 27   Christianity and the Black World
Class 28   Islam, Buddhism and the Black World
Class 29   Rastafari, Nation of Islam, Kingism and Black Liberation Theology


Class 30   Discussion: How can we use Black Studies?


Thursday Evening Course Dates: Thursday 14th January 2021 to Thursday 9th September 2021 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Saturday Afternoon Course Dates: Saturday 16th January 2021 to Saturday 11th September 2021 from 12:PM to 2:00 PM


The course fee for the whole 30 weeks is £399.

To pay in instalments, a payment of £133.00 secures your place. Two remaining payments of £133 to be paid before Thursday 31st December 2020.

We accept cash, cheques, postal orders and BACS payments. To pay by credit card, click here

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This course is written, produced and presented by Black History Studies
Header Image Source: “Ancient African History. The science of chemistry was originated by Africans in the ancient empire of Ghana.” From BM Archives.

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