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Making PR Anti-Racist

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | 01 October 2020
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The global conversation around combatting racism has been rife over the past few months, but how have these slogans, social media posts and protests translated into real change in the lives of Black people and all those that have been historically marginalised?

In an industry first, PRWeek UK has launched a special edition magazine this month, taking an in-depth look at Black issues, initiatives and voices associated within the communications industry.

We have recruited two guest editors: Jennifer Ogunleye, Tech PR lead at KPMG; and Julian Obubo, partner at Manifest. The duo, both former members of PRWeek UK’s 30 Under 30 and both of African heritage, have helped steer the coverage, which will be published online over the next couple of weeks and in print.

Ogunleye said: “PRWeek is arguably the most prominent platform for the PR industry, so it is hugely significant to see the magazine give visibility to the lived experiences of microaggressions, prejudice and racism towards those of Black and Minority Ethnic heritage as well as celebrating our expertise and achievements. Since the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, I have heard, read and vocalised feelings on matters of racial inequality for the Black workforce, in more frank terms than ever before in my career. This is not something that we can or should turn away from if we are going to make this a more inclusive industry. I hope this edition supports and inspires the next generation of diverse talent and allies eager to make meaningful change within their organisations.”

Obubo added: “This summer would hopefully serve as an inflection point in the global conversation around combatting racism. For the first time I feel cautiously optimistic. With this special edition, we want to showcase the brilliant Black talent working in PR in the UK today and also give PRWeek readers a thorough grounding in the social history of race and racism in this country. I believe we cannot begin to fix the issues we have today if we are unaware or unclear about their origins.”

Join the conversation on as we discover how to build a more inclusive industry, including:
  • How racism manifests itself in PR and how it might be combated
  • The good, the bad and the ugly – PR employers progress in addressing the issues
  • Practical steps to making PR non anti-racist

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Jennifer Ogunleye Jennifer is an enthusiastic communications and events professional. She is one of the Founding Collective of professionals that has launched the UK Black Comms Network, a network that exists to increase the number and seniority of Black communications professionals in the UK. Her significant in-house and agency industry expertise ranges from technology companies to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, local government, financial services, property, transport and aviation.
Julian Obubo – Manifest, a brand communications agency with offices in London, Stockholm and New York. Julian shapes Manifest’s recruitment and work culture around diversity and hosts the agency’s industry podcast Fresh Meet.
NB: The Chartered Institute of Public Relations produced an extensive and damming report on unequal opportunities, non-inclusive cultures and racist experiences in the industry, which you can read here

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