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Online: African Gods and Goddesses – Nzingha Lecture 39

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | 22 April 2020

In this Queen Nzingha lecture, we detail some of the highly developed spiritual belief systems that existed in various advanced African civilisations prior to European invasion.

We will cover:

  • Cultural appropriation of African god concepts by the Greeks and Romans
  • Male and female god concepts; why is the modern Christian god always male?
  • Matriarchal spiritual systems, beyond the Orishas
  • The Catholic church and the process of sainthood: how real people become saints and legends
  • Religion as suppression/liberation
  • Ancient African civilisations
  • Surviving African culture/spirituality in the Caribbean

This is an online talk via Zoom.

Your Zoom link will be sent to you after you register .

About the Nzingha lecture series:

Queen Nzinga was an African Queen who fought against the European invasion of southern Africa (Congo/Angola). The Queen Nzinga lecture series features African female academics / holders of expert knowledge, speaking on topics of their choice. The Nzinga lecture series will provide a regular platform for women of African descent to highlight important issues in an academic setting.

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