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Reckoning & Restorative Justice: Exploring Harm, Accountability and Healing

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | 15 July 2020
Online | $75 - $575

STRONGHOLD believes in restorative justice as a model that can repair harm at the individual, community, and systemic levels. we recognise that systems of oppression including white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, settler colonialism and more are forms of historical and ongoing harm that compound and contribute to the breakdowns we experience in our communities.

Our pedagogy and practice centers on healing; draws on people’s lived experience; invites real-time self-reflection and interpersonal practice with regards to harm and accountability; and emphasises relationships rather than self-reliance amidst conflict.

  • We have all caused harm, we have all been targets of harm: What are our lived histories within harm? What are its origins in our lives and communities? What cycles of harm-doing have we inherited?
  • Accountability is an active, ongoing, and embodied practice. What do accountable relationships look and feel like? What disrupts our ability to take accountability?
  • Healing and repair are not linear. How do we make room for shame, rage, doubt and fear in our processes? How do we work with incompletion? How do we reclaim trust in ourselves, our needs, our timing, and our right to wholeness?

We recognise that as stewards of restorative justice, our effectiveness is directly connected to our own willingness to explore our personal histories of violence, silence and internalised punitive beliefs.

We will gather as a full cohort every Wednesday from 11AM-12:30PM beginning July 15th and ending august 19th (6 sessions total).

We will gather in race-based affinity groups every other Friday from 11AM-12:30PM beginning July 17th and ending august 14th (3 sessions total).

Register and purchase your tickets here

*All gatherings are from 11AM-12:30PM

  • July 15th (all group)
  • July 17th (affinity)
  • July 22nd (all group)
  • July 29th (all group)
  • July 31st (affinity)
  • August 5th (all group)
  • August 12th (all group)
  • August 14th (affinity)
  • August 19th (all group)

These sessions will be delivered by Stronghold co-founders, karena montag & claire whitmer.

Our intention is to offer an immersive experience while keeping screen time to a minimum. as such, we will be assigning weekly “homework” and practices to support depth and continuity between sessions.

Cost for this training is tiered as follows:

  • Black, Indigenous & People of Colour (BIPOC) rate: $75
  • White Ally / Co-conspirator rate: $275-$575

Why are there two different rates?

We acknowledge and honour that access to resources is a result of institutionalised and intergenerational white supremacy. a tiered fee structure allows white folks to leverage the privilege they have gained through those systems by supporting an equitable point of access for those who have been disenfranchised by the same systems. furthermore, we believe in the practice of reparations wherein a higher price point for white folks rightfully acknowledges POC for their generations of unpaid labor and enduring legacies of stolen land and resources.

What if I’m a BIPOC and I can’t pay at the price point listed?

We understand that the the price point may still be beyond some people’s means. We have a BIPOC scholarship fund and are committed to making our trainings totally accessible to BIPOC. Please let us know what you need in order to be able to attend and we will work with you to arrange a scholarship.

What if i’m white and I can’t pay within the sliding scale?

We understand that privilege is intersectional, and being white isn’t the only factor that determines people’s access to resources. If you are unable to pay within the sliding scale, please reach out to us so we can work with you on cost (reduced fee, payment plan, work-trade, etc). We are committed to the people who really want to show up for this work having access to it.

What if I can pay more than my tiered price point?

GREAT! any amount paid over the base fee will go directly into our BIPOC scholarship fund to allow access for BIPOC participants. We welcome and encourage you to offer more if you have the resources.

SUPPORT OUR BIPOC SCHOLARSHIP FUND!: Help make this training accessible to people who cannot pay the full fee by donating to our scholarship fund!

If you have questions about the training please contact Claire Whitmer at


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