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#RefugeeWeek: What COVID has shown us about migration

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | 16 June 2020
Online | Free

The unravelling of the Covid-19 pandemic has shown a major need in Europe for evidence-based policies in addressing crises and how populist politics do not work.
As a matter of fact, many migrants and refugees in European countries have done a lot to tackle the challenges all the population are facing during these hard times. The feeling of belonging to a commonplace is higher than it has ever been in the UK and worldwide.
Within the framework of MAX, a European Union-funded project which aims at changing the narrative towards migration discourse, we will host a webinar titled “What COVID has shown us about migration?”
Using as a starting point the research done in the first phase of the project, Dr. Charles Dannreuther from the University of Leeds and Maria Grazia Montella, Project Manager and Communication officer of UNITEE- New European Business Confederation, will talk about the roles of migrants during the pandemic and how the collective body of the migrants has been used in the political narrative.
The webinar will be hosted on Zoom live-streamed on MAX project Facebook page at 4 pm CEST.
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