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Short film ‘I Am Joseph’ streaming now on YouTube

15 December 2019

I AM Joseph is the debut short feature film from Four8 that tells a powerful and moving story about one man’s internal struggle to come to terms with an unavoidable truth that will transform his life.

Michael Akinsulire plays Joseph, a highly-regarded tradesman set to marry his beloved Mary, portrayed by Asmara Gabrielle. When Mary reveals she is pregnant, but her fiancé is not the father, his world is shaken. Her impossible claim as to who the father is forces Joseph to grapple with his trust in Mary, his own faith, and the impact this revelation will have on their lives and the course of history.

I Am Joseph is the first film in the ‘I Am…’ series which aims to reintroduce biblical characters in timeless settings, exploring their individual journeys and humanising their experiences. Tackling complex characters through emotive and challenging storytelling, the series will reimagine some of these remarkable – often forgotten – stories from surprising angles.

The latest feature from exciting writer and director, Tomisin Adepeju, I Am Joseph brings together a talented and diverse cast of emerging British actors in Akinsulire, Gabrielle and DK Ugonna who plays the role of David. The film was created and produced by Stephané Alexandre, executive produced by Matthew Barrett and Vikki McLachlan, with cinematography by BAFTA-nominated Miles Ridgway.

Adepeju said: “Joseph is a largely forgotten character in the nativity story. We really wanted to humanise and make him a relatable character that an audience can identify with. ‘Truth can change a man’ is the log line of the film, and with this story, we have attempted to capture Joseph the man, and the moment that ultimately leads him to realise the central truth that transforms and alters the course of his entire life.”



Akinsulire added: “We’re less inclined to fight for love today. It’s easier to quit and run than it is to fight when something as delicate as the heart is involved. I think this film will connect with those who can relate to Joseph’s situation, empathise and understand the complete contrast between love at its climactic and most joyous points, and the pain and destruction of love from a broken heart.”

Gabrielle who plays the role of Mary said: “It was exciting and refreshing to be able to tell Mary’s story through her internal conflict, rather than her external legacy. Getting to play Mary has been an absolute honour, both professionally, as a BAME actress and personally, as a Muslim”.

Matthew Barrett, executive producer said: “I Am Joseph is a wonderful way to launch the I Am series. We are so proud to showcase a huge range of exceptional BAME talent both in front of and behind the camera.”

I Am Joseph is available to stream NOW on Four8’s Youtube channel. Keep up to date by following @Four8Stories


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