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Stan (Marvel) Lee’s Black History

3:00 pm - 6:30 pm | 16 November 2019
Harris Westminster Sixth Form | £11

Interactive breakdown on the hidden politics in some of Stan Lee’s Marvel heroes/stories; links to US Civil Rights and African history.

Stan Lee of Marvel comics often used used his characters and stories as commentaries on personal development, morals, US politics and Civil rights struggles. He also borrowed from Greek, Roman and African mythology to create his comic universes

Much of this serious philosophical commentary has been forgotten in the wham-bam action of recent superhero movies.

In this interactive presentation using film clips, interviews, comics and press articles; we will show how Stan Lee/Marvel was influenced by Black history and how his stories then influenced and inspired millions of people all over the world. We will cover:

  • Who was Stan Lee? Details of his background and ideology
  • How and why Marvel struggled in the early days
  • Stan and the revolution in comics but why was it needed?
  • The World War Two connections. Dr Strange
  • Captain America’s black history plus Hulk vs Godzilla
  • The real Winter Soldiers and Civil Rights in disguise
  • The actual African history of Black Panther with proof
  • X Men, what they really stood for with evidence. The Obama link
  • Blade, Malcolm X, John Henrik Clarke, Luke Cage and real vampires

This presentation will be jointly delivered by ‘The Investigator’ Andrew Muhammad and Black History Walks.

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