The Importance of Newsroom Diversity

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The Importance of Newsroom Diversity

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | 22 June 2021
Online | £5+BF

For this live streamed event, we will be taking a closer, more critical, look at the issues surrounding representation in newsrooms. According to the Sutton Trust, 80% of news editors attended private school, with only 11% of journalists being from working class backgrounds, and 0.2% being Black. Combined with Women in Journalism’s 2020 research into news organisations’ lack of diversity, this paints a startling portrait of who decides what is newsworthy and how it is reported.

Guardian deputy Opinion editor Joseph Harker will chair a panel including professor of sociology at University of Manchester and former Guardian editor-at-large Gary Younge, and writer and Guardian contributor Lynsey Hanley. Together they will peel back the statistics and ask: with decision-makers in the media being predominantly white, male and privately educated, how can we be certain that the news we’re consuming is the whole story, rather than a carefully constructed narrative that perpetuates long-standing myths?

Further speakers to be announced.

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Header illustration by: Jean Wei