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The Nigerian Exchange: Igbo X Yoruba

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm | 03 October 2020
Church of St James Hatcham | £15

Are you proud to be Nigerian?

This October marks Nigeria’s 60th year of Independence, a monumental milestone for the young country.

As young diasporan Nigerians, we’ll be exploring what that means to us, how far we’ve come, some of our issues and what the next generation could do to impact any change.

Okwu ID is a community and educational platform which focuses on engaging the African diaspora youth. We host cultural debates which provide an opportunity for young Africans to hash out issues and ultimately better understand each other.

AGES: 18 – 30 (only)

The day will be filled with games and discussion topics which include:


Teni/ Flavour etc. Guess the meaning of the Lyrics in Igbo and Yoruba.

How well do you know Nigeria?! (Quiz)

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Culture, Religion and Stereotypes:

  • What do you associate with Nigerian culture? Do we ignore smaller ethnic groups?
  • Is there an Igbo/Yoruba look and can you tell the difference between people from different ethnic groups?
  • Christianity and Islam are both practised by Yoruba people with little conflict, how do you think the Yoruba community has been able to do this?
  • Do Nigerian names hold us back? If so, is there any point in giving our children traditional names?


  • Does everyone hate us? Why do you think so many other black communities resent Nigerians?
  • Yoruba men are stereotyped to be very fond of Igbo women, why do think this is?
  • Igbo people are often characterised as money-hungry, why is this?

History and the Future:

  • Do you think dividing Nigeria into separate states, would be more positive or negative for Nigerian people?
  • What about a north and south divide? Do you relate with Northerners?
  • How do we feel about Biafra?
  • Would you ever move back, is there hope for Nigeria?


  • Please do not attend the venue if you or anyone you have been in contact with are showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Please use our sanitiser stations that are provided on arrival and around the venue for your safety and convenience
  • Zones will be divided into clusters of 6, we will be pre-planning seating arrangements to comply with new regulations
  • Youth groups and activities, educational events and churches (where the event is located) are all on the government exempt list. Although we will still be implementing zoning

Visit here for further government advice on meeting with others safely (social distancing).

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