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The Rapthology Experience: Curated by Wretch 32

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | 01 December 2019
Queen Elizabeth Hall | !2.59-£20

Jermaine Scott, aka Wretch 32, shares his influences and the songs that have shaped him over the last 30 years – from gospel to dancehall anthems and emerging voices.

Delve into the creative process of an influential voice in UK music at an event celebrating the rapper and lyricist’s new book, Rapthology

A revelatory work of non-fiction from one of the most popular and influential British musicians of today: part autobiography, part guide to creativity and part cultural history.

What makes a song work? What element causes us to stop, to listen, to listen again? Is it a melody? Is it a beat? Is it the words that are sung, or spoken? Is it what they speak to in us? Is it a combination of all of the above?

Wretch 32 is a lyricist of unparalleled ability, and an advocate of music as a tool to educate as well as to entertain. In an age of unprecedented social and political change, Wretch’s music stands as a medium of protest and of progress, helping to explain and shape a new era.

In Rapthology, Wretch provides a lesson in lyric writing, taking us through his own creative process, from the first flashes of inspiration to final edits and improvisation. Step by step, Wretch explains what each song means to him, why it matters and how it has become so popular, and so powerful.

The result is a groundbreaking autobiography, a guidebook to the music that matters, and an insight into the artistic process of one of the most inspiring artists of a generation.

Copies of Wretch 32’s new book ‘Rapthology: Lessons in Life and lyrics’ (RRP £14.99) are available for £10 when you buy a ticket to the talk. These may be collected at the event.

Wretch 32 is signing copies of Rapthology after the event.

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