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This is an Uprising! A Conversation with Boots Riley and Noname

10:00 pm - 11:30 pm | 15 June 2020
Online | $0 - $25

The global uprising against racism and police violence has brought millions of people around the world into the streets to make Black Lives Matter, and has catapulted radical demands for police and prison abolition into the center of public consciousness.

It’s also brought new urgency to discussions of reform and revolution, challenging the power of capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism in the 21st century, and the role of artists can as participants in political struggles.

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation on art, politics, and revolution with Noname and Boots Riley, hosted by Khury Petersen-Smith.

Noname is a rapper from Chicago. She’s the founder of Noname’s Book Club.

Boots Riley is a rapper and filmmaker from Oakland, known for his 2018 release ‘Sorry to Bother You’, starring Lakeith Stanfield.

For further reading on this topic check out Haymarket Books’ Black Liberation Reading List.

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Photograph by Griffin Lipson / BFA / REX / Shutterstock

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