UN International Youth Day Summit

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm | 12 August 2020
Online | Free

@unitednations International Youth Day Summit will be hosted by @angelofyouths which provides an opportunity to celebrate and amplify the voices of young people – also highlighting their positive actions, initiatives and exhaustive engagement in tackling racism.

The event will feature a panel of incredible young people from around the country who have taken a leading role in the fight against racism and racial inequality in our society.The event will also include leaders from a number of different large organisations and other key decision makers. ⠀

Angel of Youths, in partnership with @blm_leeds believe that young people are the catalysts of change and progress. They are a crucial segment of a nation’s development, therefore, their contribution is highly needed. Young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow,  they’re making huge changes to the world around them in challenging inequalities today.

The #blacklivesmatters Movement around the UK has broadly been youth Led @allblacklivesuk @mvmnt4blklives @ukblm @freeblackuni displaying that the youth are leading the way. As a result, they should be given a chance to take an active role in the decision-making processes on local, national and global levels. The International Youth Day ensures young people have the ability, skill, motivation and recognition to continue to do so.

The lack of Black youth participation in the decision-making process is detrimental to all – regardless of age.


The primary goals of the Summit are to:

  1. Empower youth to explore innovative ideas to tackle emerging development challenges around race inequalities faced by black Communities
  2. Provide youth with the tools to build and engage in impactful projects around the Anti-racism movement globally
  3. Promote dialogue between youth, the Anti-racism movement leaders local, national/international, and other key stakeholders globally.

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NB: Part one (UNITE) of the summit takes place between 1 – 2 PM – register here

Part two (HEAL & EDUCATE) takes place from 3 – 5 PM – live via @BLM_Leeds social media platforms.