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Violet Nights x Bald Black Girl(s): Shop Talk

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | 28 November 2019
Southbank Centre | FREE

Part of Violet Nights…

How are black women who shave their heads depicted in the media and treated at the barbershop?

Poet and artist Ruth Sutoyé created the Bald Black Girl(s) exhibition and poetry film Reign about black women who shave their heads.

This edition of Violet Nights includes a screening of Reign, and discussion of media representations of black women and the shifting culture of barbershops.

How are black women in Britain, particularly bald and low shaved women, depicted in TV, theatre and literature?

How do barbershops treat women, non-binary and visibly queer customers? Male and female barbers share their take.

Violet Nights is a space for young people to socialise and express their views on topical issues, with music, performance and discussion.

In a relaxed format, people aged 18 – 30 have the opportunity to exchange ideas and engage in issues that feel important to them, creating a real-life forum for online conversations

This is a FREE event, but tickets are required. Book yours here

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