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Waves – New Film Premiers 17.01.2020

“Waves” could also just as accurately be called “Ripples.” It’s about how a series of compounding very bad decisions can ultimately impact good ones.

Trey Edward Shults has written and directed an empathetic commentary on the inter-connectivity of human nature—a film filled with great, almost unimaginable pain, but also incredible beauty.

And it ultimately feels like a call for kindness and forgiveness. Waves” is unexpectedly ambitious and confident, the work of a filmmaker in complete control of his talents and using them to challenge himself.

“Waves” is visually daring in ways that will make it perfect for year-end montages about the best films of 2019, but what stuns me most is how much Shults, even at just 30, has found a way to balance the lyrical and the human. Some will compare it to Barry Jenkins’ work—and the Florida setting adds to that—but Shults has his own voice. He finds a way to marry his technical playfulness to the performances he pulls from his award-worthy cast.

This is a deeper and more profound film than your average character drama, a masterpiece that’s hard to walk away from without checking your own grievances and grief. The ripple effect continues.

Words by Roger Bert

Waves is released in UK cinemas January 17th 2020. Check your local cinema for screen times.

Watch the trailer below:



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