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Windrush Community Fund Information Event

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | 21 April 2021
Online | Free

Voice4Change England (V4CE) are pleased to announce the Windrush Community Fund. This fund is open to community and grassroots groups and organisations seeking financial assistance to help ensure that community groups can give support to those of the Windrush generation who may have faced difficulties in demonstrating their status or who may have suffered losses because of this.

The aim of the Windrush Community Fund is to raise awareness and support engagement among those eligible for the government’s Windrush Compensation Scheme and Windrush Scheme.

Charitable, community and grassroot organisations across the UK who work with affected communities can bid for an award from £2,500 up to £25,000, to ensure all people impacted by Windrush are aware of the support available and are not missing out on the schemes or latest information.

The Home Office fund has been designed with the Windrush Cross-Government Working Group and will be administered by Voice4Change England. V4CE has no role or connection with the Windrush Scheme or Windrush Compensation Scheme but is focused on assisting community groups who apply for the fund. Final decisions on funding will be made by the Windrush Cross-Government Working Group and the Home Office.

The fund has been set up in particular to encourage applications from those organisations that are led by affected communities or work mainly with affected communities. Affected communities are those facing difficulties in demonstrating their lawful status in the UK, depending on when they arrived, and those who therefore suffered losses in proving their right to work, finding a place to live, accessing healthcare or some other impact.

The purpose of the event is to give organisations who are interested in applying for an award from the Windrush Community Fund more information on the fund. We will also have plenty of time and space for questions. We will focus on providing:

  • Information on the purpose of the Windrush Community Fund
  • An overview of the eligibility criteria for the fund
  • A summary of the application process for the fund
  • Ideas / key components that are likely to make a strong application
  • Information about the monitoring and evaluation requirements if awarded a grant from the fund
  • A chance to speak with Grants Officers from V4CE and ask any questions

The event will also provide background information and context to the development of the fund, with representation from the Home Office and Windrush Cross-Governmental Working Group.

Register to attend here 

NB: The link will be sent out to all participants who have signed up at 9am on the morning of the event.

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