Imagining a Black Future: Youth voices on anti-racism

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Imagining a Black Future: Youth Voices on Anti-Racism

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | 06 May 2021
Online | Free

Youth are being heard like never before, as we enter into this unknown transitional period it is their voices we must centre when discussing how to create an anti-racist future. This event will platform the voices of young people and the changes they are making in their communities.

How do we build anti-racism into the structures around us? We are interested in looking at how groups are organising and what an anti-racist future can look like, led by the vitality of young people demanding change in an inherited world.

Through this accessible and engaging live webinar we will be offering a platform to young people to share their experiences and knowledge on how we can create a better future.

Speakers include:

Climate justice activist Mikaela Loach

Climate justice activist Mikaela Loach

Mikaela Loach: Mikaela  is a climate justice activist, co-host of The Yikes Podcast, writer and 4th year medical student based in Edinburgh. In 2020, Mikaela was named as one of the most influential women in the UK climate movement. Her work focuses on making the climate movement more inclusive and focusing on the intersections of the climate crisis with oppressive systems such as white supremacy and migrant injustices.

Anti-racism educator Angel Arutura

Anti-racism educator Angel Arutura

Angel Arutura: Angel is an anti-racism educator, social activist and content creator. She shares engaging and educational content that explores topics ranging from anti-racism to sustainability and self-love, and was named by the Irish Times as one of the ’50 people to watch in 2021: The best young talent in Ireland’.

Education activist and researcher Sofia Akel

Education activist and researcher Sofia Akel

Sofia Akel: Sofia is an education activist and researcher, campaigning and leading work to tackle institutional racism in education, including the awarding gap, academic pipeline and decolonising education. She has worked in a number of universities and students’ unions, holding various elected, specialist and consultancy roles. Currently, she is leading London Metropolitan University’s race equity work for the Centre of Equity and Inclusion.

Idman Abdurahaman: Idman is a Black feminist and a climate justice researcher. As an environmentalist, she is dedicated to exploring the climate crisis and environmental injustices from radical and alternative lenses, always moving towards full decolonisation and liberation for all. Currently Idman is involved in local climate action, community led urban greening and food growing projects.

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