50/50: Everpress x Justice4Grenfell


In the heart of Dalston, print studio Everpress has become synonymous with crafting quality t-shirts. And every year, their annual 50/50 campaign enlists the help of 50 leading artists in order to produce 50 unique t-shirt designs – this year supporting and raising money for Justice4Grenfell.

“Wearing a T-shirt is a way of visibly demonstrating solidarity and support for those individuals and communities who are fighting for justice, and challenging others to think on this too.” say Yvette, Moyra and Nour, the Justice4Grenfell campaign leaders.

Justice4Grenfel is a community-led organisation, focused on the long term goal of obtaining justice for the bereaved families, survivors, evacuated residents and the wider local community of Kensignton & Chelsea. The organisation was set up a few days after the Grenfell Fire disaster, which took the lives of 71 people, and officially launched on June 19th 2017.
These designs will be available to purchase, retailing at £25 each, from here until 30th September 2019, with 50% of the profits going to the artist and 50% to Justice4Grenfell.
Please support the artists and the campaigners who are working tirelessly to bring about justice, and trying to meet the urgent needs of those impacted. This work continues because of the on-going failure of the authorities to respond adequately to the disaster. To date, there are circa 17,000 flats still covered in cladding, which can lead to another fire. The campaigner’s ultimate aim – is to ensure that such an event never happens again.
This matter, like many social inequality issues across the UK, needs your urgent attention. Please watch the video below and donate or buy a T-shirt if you can:

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