NoireFitFest: Black Fitness Festival Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Lorraine Russell (aka @misslalaworks) and Donna Noble  (@donnanobleyoga) are launching their crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising £15,000 to bring together a one day FREE TO ATTEND Fitness Festival in London for the Black community called, ‘NoireFitFest’.

NoireFitFest will be held at a major location in London, which will be transformed into a space for women and men, fitness enthusiasts or complete fitness novices, to take part and immerse themselves in fitness activities, taught by black fitness professionals and expert influencers, all of whom excel in their varied fields of fitness, tailored to your….our needs.

The money will pay for a top London venue, that is globally recognised, as well as equipment for specialist fitness classes for the participants of the festival.

As well as different styles of exercise and fitness being taught and showcased throughout the festival in what will be a safe and body positive environment, there will be experts on hand providing fitness and wellness talks, vendors advising on fitness and self care related products and treatments which attendees can purchase. NoireFitFest will provide and all round fitness experience and health day, dedicated to encouraging, cultivating and promoting health and fitness to our community in way that is fun and memorable.

The importance of fitness in our community was highlighted recently by Sports London, which states that people from Black and other ethnic backgrounds are far less likely to be physically active. 

An article written by Natalie Morris for The Metro (25/09/2019) also highlights the alarming lack of diversity within the fitness industry in regards to fitness instructors.

NoireFitFest aims to change that.

Anything you can contribute, will help us realise this fantastic and free event.

Click here to donate to their campaign

You can click HERE to go to their official website

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