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  • Yes, I would not disagree with the overwhelming majority of what you have highlighted. However, there were, at play, acting against Jeremy, the weight of both the Media and the Press, as well as and the ‘Madness of Crowds’, and the whipped up and aggressively championed voices, crying Antisemitism against the Labour Party and its leader, real or imagined. There was the association of the Conservatives with Islamophobia, but who do Brits and Caucasians hate the most, dark skinned Muslims or, apparently, allegedly, ‘light skinned’ Jews : no comment! Alas, I am sure that both parties must, at their core, be haters of people with darker shades, yet that acrid mud got stuck to Jeremy and his party. Another thing, politically incorrect it may be, but during the election, from the dark corners of this country and its constituencies, came out to vote, a good number of people who only comes out at ‘night’. Now that the die is cast, they retreat under the cover of the dark to live out their lives in their ‘incestuous’ communities.

    Finally, something else was at play during the election, well I mean, just look at and listen to and contrast the persona of both JC and BJ, the first is calm , rational and genteel, while the other is of the school yard thuggery type, the playground bully: it’s obvious that there is a liking for the bully! What took place on 12th December, 2019, was a lot more than politics …!

    • Thanks for your comments, you’re quite right in your analysis. It’s regrettable that labour lost under Jeremy. I am not hopeful his shoes can be filled by the self-nominated forerunners, they all appear to be insincere, uninspiring and a bit wet behind the ears. I despair for this country!

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